You Say Kingergarten And I Say Kindergarten…

Well, it’s been a whirlwind of a week. Mom had a vacation and we didn’t go anywhere so it was a kind of stay at home vacation. We had her Mom and Dad over for dinner on one night, which was fun. Sofia teased her grandfather all night about U of Louisville getting beat in the first round of the tournament. She even went so far and to continually pledge her allegiance to UK which is her grandfather’s nemesis. A couple weeks ago Sofia suggested that while Mom was on vacation that we all go roller skating. I made the mistake of thinking out loud in her presence and in a moment of weakness said, “I bet if I put my orthotic inserts in the skates that I might be able to skate without too much pain. Of course she took this to mean that of course we would skate together. But before I get to that this is an award that Sofia won for first place grades kingergarten through 2nd grade…

She was beaming when she brought it home and showed me and I was very proud of her. Imagine my shock though when I was made aware that all this time she has been attending kingergarten and not kindergarten. I still haven’t made a trip up to the school to look into what the exact differences are between kingergarten and kindergarten. All kidding aside and acknowledging my absolute abhorrence of our culture’s acceptance of rampant misspelling, this is not the type of thing that leaves me ringing with confidence at the educational prospects to come. So… the roller skating rink is definitely a slice of the American culture. From the curmudge’s point of view it is crowded, noisy and has the most awful pop music cacophony blaring from speakers throughout the building. Sofia was so excited that she had found something “athletic” that I could do with her that I couldn’t back out once we got there and I had eaten too much and too late the evening before and was hungover to boot. I hadn’t skated in a very long time and early on (before I got the hang of it a little) it wasn’t really hurting my feet and was temporarily happy about finding something that maybe I could still do but as I got more of a hang of it and started to push off a little more, my feet really started to hurt and eventually I had to stop. Fortunately, I skated long enough to satisfy the bug’s insistence that we skate together. She had a great time though and that’s all that counts. Here’s the speed demon on wheels herself…

In other news, before today we had about a week of glorious weather with a day or so at 80 degrees or so. This allowed me to get my first 130 miles in on my bike. There’s been a bit of progress on the “trying to get the bike adjusted so that I’m not in pain after 20 miles or so” front. My good buddy Vern let me borrow this Br00k’s saddle…

The word’s still out on the relative comfort/discomfort as I haven’t put nearly enough miles with the seat to know. I did, however, go to the bike shop looking for a new stem arrangement and the dude there told me that these seats are notorious “assk1llers” (his words). He added, “plus it takes a long time to break them in” to which I replied, “no problem, the guy who loaned it to me already broke it in.” He looked at me like I was an imbecile and said, “he broke it in for his ass not your ass.” I didn’t have a reply to that. I did get the stem thing worked out as I replaced the old one with one 30mm shorter and you’d think that 30mm wouldn’t make so much difference but I finally felt like I wasn’t reaching so much for the handlebars or skootching back on the saddle. Here’s the new stem arrangement…

It’s currently 37 degrees and the balmy days may not return for a week or more. Because I’m a bit of a milquetoast when it comes to riding in the cold, I’ve been curious about wind chill. You know, your standing on your porch and there’s a good wind blowing but it’s 60 degrees F and sunny and it seems like a good idea. But if it’s 60 degrees and the wind is 30 mph, that’s a chill factor of 55 which is a bit chilly and that’s if you just facing the wind standing still. Add to that, riding 25 mph into the wind and it drops even more. Anyway, won’t get back to that for a while. On the clay front, I sold my first piece to someone in Austria. I also got rejected from a yunomi show in NY. Still plugging away at decoration, this one took me quite a while…

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9 Responses to “You Say Kingergarten And I Say Kindergarten…”

  1. Tracey Says:

    Please give a great big congratulations to Sophia! I know how much those art awards mean, Wesley got a few in school and now she is going off to the School of the Arts for film. Start saving your money:)
    The spelling thing in school drives me nuts. I once had a teacher write me a letter answering back a rather angry note I had sent to her, and she misspelled her own name! We pulled out of the public school system shortly after that. Charter schools for us!

  2. meredith@whynot Says:

    Shouldn’t she be in Queendergarten?
    We had some of the same here.
    It’s the award that counts!
    At least that is what the teachers use to tell me.
    I once heard a teacher say, “he done give out.”
    Hum- I knew my work was cut out for me.

  3. ang Says:

    oi rejection i feel your pain jim…..dont think i’ve had the skates on in 25 yrs you’re a brave fella :)) gorgeous bowl work too…

  4. ron philbeck Says:

    Sofia looks like a good skater. I used to love going to the skating rink. There was a girl that worked there I had a huge crush on. I guess I was 11 or 12 and she must have been 16 or so. Ah, young love.
    Good luck w. the bike seat.

  5. Michele Says:

    roller skating! what great memories that brings back… although i did a lot of my roller skating on the street and in parking lots as a kid.
    congrats to your little emerging artist, perhaps the misspelled award will make it all the more memorable.

  6. medrecgal Says:

    Wow, Jim, what a blast from the past that was to see the pic of Sofia roller skating. I loved to do that when I was little. Oddly enough, this post showed up just after I found a Facebook page where they’re trying to coordinate a 20th reunion for my HS class. Loved the art award (perhaps she’s going to follow in Dad’s footsteps?)…but had to laugh at the misspelling, because I’ve always been the one to point out such errors. You don’t know how many times I used to correct the signage that people would post at my former job; seems like knowing how to spell has become an unfortunate casualty of our “OMG, LOL, ROTFL” world.

  7. Patricia Griffin Says:

    What a DAD!
    Putting on the skates and giving it a whirl… You’re a champ!

  8. Rob Lorenz Says:

    Once again the public education system shows its true stripes! I can accept the fact that people make mistakes, but on something being presented to the public you would think they would take the extra two minutes to proof read.
    The skating rink looks like a good time! Well, for Sofia anyway. I remember going to birthday parties at the skating rink. I was always jealous because the birthday people got to ride around the rink in a giant motorized skate.

  9. Eugene Hon Says:

    Great for her confidence -an acknowledgement of her creative ability. So much for quality control in the educational system. Accreditation of educational programs depend on audits. One wonders how they do it. Love the last bowl – your decoration is just amazing. The gestural marks are so spontaneous – even though the process is laboured. You have it down to a fine art. Sad to hear you got rejected from the Yunomi show in NY. Shit happens – luckily we don’t draw inspiration from such events.

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