So, Do You Have Fuzz Buildup?…

I just had to ask. I’ve done a couple posts with my personal yoga experience like this one and this one but I’ve never actually taken a yoga class or done yoga. My good friend Ig sent me this video (if you’re squeamish be prepared because it has cadavers) and it’s the most compelling reason I’ve ever heard for doing yoga (not that there aren’t already plenty of compelling reasons)…

So if you’ve watched it, what do you think? Is it fuzz buildup or are we just getting old… and injured. Speaking of old, we had the last meeting of club 53 last week… it was my birthday and next meeting will be the first of club 54. The years keep rolling on by. Anyway, I received this as a gift…

It’s a flower (with the pistil broken off) and it was from the original watertower that the bug and I are always visiting…

That’s the only picture I have that I took and I’m not sure how far up but I think it was around the part just above the columns. Anyway, this flower is from 1858 and that’s exactly 100 years before I was born. According to my friend Al (who gave it to me) when they refurbished the tower some years ago, they were throwing them away. It’s terracotta and I think I might bisque it to get the paint off and maybe I’ll even glaze fire it. Tuesday night was super scrabble night. It’s been quite some time since we’ve been able to get together… life keeps getting in the way…

It was a sad state of affairs for me and not so much for my buddy Terry. I jumped out to a 150+ point lead but in a moment of weakness played a not-defensive move and Terry slowly but surely whittled away my lead and beat me by twenty or so… I got stuck with a Z at the end which is a 20 point swing in itself. Oh well, que sera sera. I’m getting closer to a bisque every day…

And the obligatory “sunset” glamor shot…


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6 Responses to “So, Do You Have Fuzz Buildup?…”

  1. Tracey Says:

    Great gift, but I think I would leave it just as it is, looks so great with all that stuff on it, it’s got “fuzz” . happy late birthday, I’m right behind you, September I join the 51 club 🙂

  2. Ignatius Says:

    James, Happy Birthday. I forgot about it.

  3. Eugene Hon Says:

    Happy birthday I believe. I got my breakfast, a yogurt with fruit and made my way to catch up on what potters and bloggers are up to. Needless to say that the video took my appetite away. It is always funny to see the gestural pose of the characters in the video (especially in this case), every time you wait, in great anticipation, for the next phase to upload.

  4. kyle Says:

    Great Birthday gift…happy late b-day btw…I think I would keep that flower just like it is…sort of in lovely disrepair.

  5. ron philbeck Says:

    Hope you had a good birthday! I remember going to that place w. the watertower when NCECA was in Louisville. There was a big annual tableware show there I think.
    I didn’t watch the video.

  6. Skuzy Says:

    Man! I was hoping for some Club 53 member shots!

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