If I Were A Rich Man…

At the risk of having this become the “what’s wrong with kinGergarten blog”, I have to relay the latest because some things you just never see coming. Sofia’s been coming home from school lately and climbing up in the dogwood tree. I usually stop working for a bit and go out and chat with her. So a week and a half ago I go out on the porch and she’s in the tree again singing, “matchmaker matchmaker make me a match”. What? I asked, where did you hear that song? “We’re watching a movie at school.” At this point, I’m thinking why are they showing them movies at school and also, “The Fiddler On The Roof”? So I said, the fiddler on the roof? The bug says, “yeah, that’s it, how did you know?”, which she always says when she’s surprised that I didn’t just come in from New Jersey on a pickup truck. As it turns out, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the whole movie (never been big on musicals) but the selection seems random to me and all I can think of is that if I had to guess what movie they were airing to the kinGergarten class, I could have spent the rest of my life and never come up with the fiddler movie. Coincidentally, when I was at Murray State and still eating in the cafeteria, in a conversation about doppelgangers someone mentioned that so and so thought I looked like Billy J0el but that they thought that was wrong and that I looked like Zer0 M0stel… I guess it must have been a young Zer0. Regardless, Zer0’s not in the movie, Tevya is played by Topol. But I digress… so in addition to memorizing words, those kinGergarteners have learned about presidential assass1inations, MLK assass1nation, and now a movie that ties it all together. We were out in the back yard on Saturday and it was cool, breezy and glorious. Sofia climbed up on her little house and started fiddling and saying that she was Tevya…

You’ll notice behind the bug on the neighbor’s garage the “no smokeing” sign. To someone with a pet peeve about spelling, seeing this every time I go in the back yard is like a little man inside my head stabbing my brain with a needle. Interestingly, the horse’s asses that put it there no longer live there and the new neighbor is apparently not nearly as assaulted by the spelling as I am. It’s not as if they misspelled chrysanthemum or onomatopoeia… of course how would you work those into garage door signage? Anyway, here’s another of the fiddler but I took this for the sky, it was that deep blue all day with bright white clouds everywhere…

Before I forget, I have always wondered how people become fans of particular sports teams and how some fans are completely rabid yet have no apparent connection to the team. I mean they didn’t go to the school or live in the town the team is from, they don’t know anyone on the team, they don’t play that particular sport and in some cases they don’t even know the rules of the game being played. So Sofia’s been talking about UK (University of Kentucky) lately (another fine influence from kinGergarten no doubt) and when I pressed her about it, she said it was because her cousin Leelee goes there. More likely is that her grandfather is a dyed in the wool U of L cards fan and she likes to tease him about it. Anyway, last weekend the bug and I went to one of the pubs I frequent and we got there at halftime of the UK/UNC game (my condolences to the Carolinians). It was complete pandemonium. The TV’s were turned up very loud and drunk people were yelling and you could barely hear each other across the table. So the second half starts up and Sofia’s standing in the booth looking at a drunk women that’s talking to the TV and UK hits a couple 3 pointers and the bar goes nuts. Standing on the seat in the booth, Sofia glances at me with this look of revelation and says very loudly to me, “I can scream as loud as I want in a restaurant!” She turns to the TV again and just screams twice at the top of her lungs. Of course no one even notices and the screams simply blend with the rest of the cacophony. Pretty soon, during a timeout and a relatively quiet stretch, she sits down and says, “this is the best day of my life”. So there you have it, she’s probably a fan for life and she probably won’t remember why either.

I may have mentioned previously that I made the mistake of suggesting (out loud) (in front of Sofia) that we could make a “tree house” on the stump left from the cherry tree that got cut down. I guess it should be called a stump house. Yesterday it was sunny, beautiful and 70+ degrees so I decided to start tackling the tree house. Me and my big mouth. It’s promising though because the bug couldn’t even wait for me to finish to start using it, and it’s still on the ground too…

She’s on spring break and woke up this morning and was running around the house screaming, “I’m gonna eat my waffle in the tree house, I’m gonna eat my waffle in the tree house”.

Last but not least, the bisque firing is cooling as I type and probably will get to unload right after lunchtime. Here’s a couple more that are in this load…


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7 Responses to “If I Were A Rich Man…”

  1. Jerry Says:

    OK, this posting made me laugh out loud. Sophia’s experience in the bar is an absolute riot. I think it is going to keep me smiling all day long. That tree house looking pretty good, too.

  2. Anne Says:

    The fact that kids are watching tv of any sort while in school is hard for me to swallow. When my boys were in pre-k, every day during snack, they were all to sit on the side of the table facing the tv, the lights were turned off and they all ate their snack while watching the tv being reminded to be quite and watch through the whole thing. Every day! Thats just nuts! There is no reason for them to be watching at all and what a great habit to start at such a young age. Sitting in front of the tv while stuffing your face!

  3. meredith@whynot Says:

    first off love the cup! You are a mad man to tackle those lines……
    And I think the new stump house needs a sign- maybe no chrysanthemum or onomatopoeia allowed or maybe all chrysanthemum or onomatopoeia allowed.
    I don’t get that crazy fan thing either and I live in NC.
    Call me a taxi and get me the heck out of here this time of year.
    I could just scream!

  4. meredith Says:

    BTW-please come over and pick up the ear worm you have left me with-ALL day……

  5. Tracey Says:

    Hey she has a studio just like mine! 🙂
    My dad built me a treehouse when I was a kid, some of the best days of my life were spent in that thing.
    We moved to Chapel Hill the year that UNC won the NCAA and at the time Wes had no clue what basketball crazy was all about. We took her to the Dean Dome to watch the game on a big screen and then down to Franklin St that night, Gerry was shooting all of it for work. Wesley was not amused, she hates crowds and loud noise and she isn’t a sports fan. I had a great time because I am ALWAYS up for a good party!

  6. Skuzy Says:


  7. Kari Says:

    Apparently I can’t subscribe to “posts via email” without creating a comment first… ergo, my comment… Hope you are well…

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