Rode Hard And Put Up Wet…

My sister is visiting with her kids and significant other this week. In my mind, I thought that working or blogging or anything would be suspended until they had left to return home. Upon further reflection, when I considered that we’ve been up since 7 and there are still 4 showers to be taken, the bug’s in school and I’m sitting in front of the computer that… hell ya, I have time for a post. Yesterday we took a trip to Newport, which is on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River opposite Cincinnati. We went to the Aquarium there. It didn’t seem like that bad of an idea but after about 4 hours on my feet, I was seeking mercy for the poor dogs. Anyway, the Aquarium is a very good one (at least with my limited aquarium visits… I have been to the one in Boston though) and Sofia absolutely went bonkers she loved it so much. Of particular interest to her and her cousin, Kerri, was the 14 foot alligator. I couldn’t tear them away… no they hadn’t fallen into the alligator’s cage. Here’s the bug and her cousin hamming it up…

I took some pics but realized that the aquarium is not really conducive to good photos. The light is low almost everywhere so that the illumination of the tanks is brighter. Add the thick glass and the fact that the fish are moving and you get a lot of blurry underlit pictures. Here’s a ray and a shark ray, which is some kind of weird prehistoric-looking evolutionary anomaly…

They had lots of strange marine critters that looked like they had overcome impossible odds to have developed in the first place. Alas, I quit trying to get pics after the many failed attempts. I was particularly taken with the jellyfish room and could have spent all day watching the moon jellyfish which are white/clear and were illuminated from above. Here’s a different jellyfish species and the pics are better than the others…

So, aside from the menacing foot pain, it was a banner day especially for the kids. We got home late and made a big pasta dinner, drank some wine and played Oh Hell until bedtime. Here’s another piece from the last firing. It has a dark brown terra sig with etching and a bluegreen glaze over the top…


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5 Responses to “Rode Hard And Put Up Wet…”

  1. meredith@whynot Says:

    those are real beauties! I love the color!
    And the jellyfish… if we could get that color!

  2. Julia Wilkins Says:

    The carving and glaze on your piece is just breathtaking! Love the picture of the girls with the penguin. It almost looks real in that lighting!

  3. Skuzy Says:

    Are you gonna make moon jellyfish inspired pots now? I wonder how you play Oh Hell. Maybe Wikipedia knows.

  4. Gord Says:

    Jellyfish are amongst the coolest things in the ocean. Except when they’re stinging me.

    Your glasses are the land-bound equivalent. 🙂

  5. Eugene Hon Says:

    The colours of the jellyfish are so inspiring. Images are incredible. Someone sometime in the near future will develop amazing glazes to emulate the look. The new mugs are great – your surfaces are truly amazing. Snorkeling is one of my most enjoyable escapes when at the sea.

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