April Showers And Showers And Showers…

I have been remiss on my blogging duties. My excuse is the inevitable “special” occasions that arise week after week, year after year. It’s derby time here in Louisville, not to mention spring time, easter time, plumbing repair time, leaky kitchen window repair time, mother’s day time, spring break time, flooding and incessant rain time, just not blogging time or getting much accomplished in the studio time. First let me mention that we’re having a mother’s day sale at the Mount Saint Francis monastery this saturday and sunday, here’s the poster…

If you’re in the Louisville area and you get a hankerin’, hop on out and peruse the wares. If you’re in Louisville and have never been to the Mount, contrary to popular belief, it is not a 2 hour drive away, not a 1 hour drive, not a half hour drive, it’s close… one could get there in less than 15 minutes if they left from downtown. Take I-64 W to the Paoli exit, it’s exit ramp merges with highway 150, take a left at the 3rd light and you’re there. So first there was Sofia’s spring break, then mom’s birthday, then my sister came to visit (posted about that a little already), then easter. During this time it has rained nonstop. I’m happy that we have been fortunate not to have any of the tornadoes that have plagued the southeast during this time. My basement has flooded with more than an inch of standing water, the stump house sits covered in the back yard with a tarp over it exactly as it was over 2 weeks ago and my cycling has been nonexistent as it’s either too cold, rainy or both… not to mention that much of my route has been inundated. Here’s a shot of where my bike route passes by the downtown area…

Supposedly the rain will stop today, at least for a while which means the sale should have idyllic weather. Here’s a couple new bowls that I’ll have out his weekend…

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7 Responses to “April Showers And Showers And Showers…”

  1. Henhouse Pottery Says:

    Those bowls are beyond lovely. Sorry to hear about all of the leaking and flooding. We are in the same “boat” here in Utah with excess water and Spring runoff. It would be nice to be somewhere dry.

  2. meredith@whynot Says:

    There is such a thing as just too much water and you have had enough.
    We have been – knock on wood- lucky- but then I know the other side of that coin.
    About the mushrooms- I plugged logs last spring with safe mushrooms- I hope since we do eat them.
    The results can be very good.
    Hope you get some dry days soon!
    Love that green bowl-she is stunning!

  3. medrecgal Says:

    Those are some really nice bowls, Jim! And we’ve had our share of the rain around here, too, these last few days. Several of my local friends posted pics of various flooded out places on Facebook.

  4. Ignatius Says:

    Love those bowl!

  5. Skuzy Says:

    OMG I LOVE the green. It’s Fabulous, darling.

  6. Eugene Hon Says:

    I know the feeling of flooding, terrible feeling, especially when you are working on your blog and then suddenly you have this strange cold sensation emanating from your toes, you look down and you realize your feet is three centimeters in the water. How is this possible when you are on the first floor of an apartment building, four thousand feet above sea level. What makes matters worse is when your floors are wood, parquet to be specific. One is not safe anywhere on this planet with climate change the new research buzz word at academic institutions worldwide. Th green bowl is absolutely stunning, bloody marvelous Jim.

  7. kyle Says:

    The weather seems to be the talk all over these days…the tragic and the miserable…mine fits right in there under “lousy”. Sorry to hear of your flooding…
    Also, thanks for sharing your story about the demise of your record collection on my blog…sad for sure. When I moved up here in 04 I had a big yard sale and actually put my records on the sale pile…after a couple real gems were cherry picked, I quickly covered them up and squirreled them away…I couldnt do it…talked my folks into storing them in their garage for a couple years…now I have a little space for them…very little, but it works.
    hope your sale is gangbusters!

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