Testing, Testing, Is This Thing On?…

As I mentioned in the last post, this past weekend was the Mother’s day sale up at Mount St. Francis monastery where my friend Steven Cheek works. I managed to go up a couple days early and Steven was gracious enough to allow me use of their extruder. I’ve been wanting to do some glaze testing and I absolutely abhor throwing those little L-shaped test tiles. The extruder has a nice square tube die and makes these which are drying now…

The sale’s opening was on Friday evening and the sale ran on saturday and sunday. The opening was fun but Sofia and Mom weren’t able to attend. Saturday was the first day in some time that it didn’t rain and the weather was perfect. The turnout for the sale was not perfect and there wasn’t much traffic. It started raining again on Sunday (and hasn’t stopped yet) and we were all a bit down but the traffic picked up substantially and we had quite a few customers come through. Of course, I had the bug all weekend and she made friends with everyone and wanted to help manage the transactions. That morning, Mom woke to rain and a driver’s side windshield wiper that didn’t work so she took “my” car to work and left me hers. I had left my camera in that car and when I mentioned to Sofia that my camera was in my car still, she said… I’ll take my camera, which is what she refers to my old camera as. I didn’t think much of it at the time but she assumed the role of intrepid reporter and went around the room taking pictures of her favorite pots. Many were blurry but some were really good so I’ll include them here (Sofia took all of the following), here’s Steven Cheek’s pots…

Here’s some pieces by Amelia Stamps from Lexington…

Here’s yours truly…

Next is Mr. Sebastian Moh…

Here’s a pic of Patrick (the shot of his table was amongst the blurry) who Sofia flirted with all day…

Here’s another one that was on her camera that was taken weeks before. It’s our fearless journalist getting her hair combed by her dad…

So that’s it for the bug’s pics. She was very helpful and funny and friendly all weekend and a good sport considering that dad making her stay in a room for 5+ hours both days. At one point she saw some people perusing my pots and she walked across the room and went up to them and said, I really like my Dad’s pots. The little salesperson. Here’s a shot I took of one of my planters with a fern I put in it…

Here’s some pieces I posted on Etsy today (first click goes to etsy, others enlarge)…

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7 Responses to “Testing, Testing, Is This Thing On?…”

  1. Henhouse Pottery Says:

    Lovely work! Oh, and your pottery is nice, too. J/K Though honestly, Sofia’s photographs are very good…

    A little artist in the making.

  2. Ignatius Says:

    I love the black glaze

  3. ang Says:

    nice one jim…i think sofia gets the m&m’s for excellent documenting šŸ˜›

  4. meredith Says:

    what a great kid-a keeper and let her work the room,it will pay off for all.
    Our daughter use to help a friend do a show once a year starting when she was 14. I still think she uses the skills she picked up there.
    Those M&M’s look great in the bowl!

  5. thecapricorntm Says:

    Jim, you really have to stop to be so awesome, my wallet cannot follow you ^_^.

    By the way, have you put thoughts about those beer tankards we did talk of a while ago?

    • jim Says:

      hi gianluca,
      i have been mulling it over but have not yet made any, i just tend to meander forward. how’s things going with you?

  6. Skuzy Says:

    I guess she has your eyes. Lucky.

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