Today is Oaks Day, which was originally the day ostensibly set aside for locals at Churchill Downs… the local Derby if you will. So Sofia’s out of school like all of Jefferson County. I like having her home but I remember when I was growing up in central NY and getting a day off from school would require just shy of a natural disaster. I remember many a day getting over a foot of snow and huddling around the tv in the morning waiting to hear, only to be disappointed that school was not canceled. Of course there were other things too like we walked to school every day in blizzards and we only ate dirt and sand for several years, etc. So I woke up to the bug’s schoolwork on the kitchen table…

I’d like to call particular attention to the first sentence in the first pic. Admittedly, it’s something I aspire to but it’s always nice to get some confirmation and hell, if I was funny to no one but her, it would still make me feel like I succeeded. Of course, upon further inspection, apparently not only am I funny but pigs are too so that kinda takes a bit away from the proclamation. Also I’m glad that Sofia thinking me funny was first on her list but then there’s humming, hopping and feeding the dog… to me it’s like one of those aptitude tests where they ask, which statement does not belong. Oh well, I’ll take what I can get… me and the pigs are a hoot. If you enlarge the first pic you will also see a stamp of approval by the teacher (I assume) which interjects “wow”. I could never presume to know what’s in the mind of kingergarten teacher but I think that the “wow” seems awfully close to the statement about funny dad and not so much the hopping, humming, etc. We’ll never know. Here’s the bug and the demon dog (who by the way has turned out to be the sweetest dog), difficult to get them to pose…

Been posting pieces to etsy. But first, this one sold during the mother’s day sale last weekend…

Here’s some recent etsy postings (first click goes to etsy, the others enlarge)…

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4 Responses to “Confirmation…”

  1. john bauman Says:

    It’s surely a syllogistic English word sequence demonstrating lexical ambiguity…

    You are funny
    Pigs are funny
    Pigs cannot fly
    Still, we can conclude absolutely nothing about your groundedness.

  2. Tracey Says:

    Well, I think you are funny too, always fun to read your blog, guaranteed a laugh!

  3. meredith Says:

    At least you were number one-that would make me happy and hey there is nothig wrong with pigs. They are really fine animals who are very underestimated for their keen sense of humor.
    When we raised ours they and the goats loved to play jokes on us.
    In fact I would be happy to hang out with you and the pig!

  4. Patricia Griffin Says:

    I think you’re funny too. Hmmmm… And, as I look again at Sophia’s list, I am in alignment with all of her “likes.” Well, except feeding the dogs… BTW: Your pieces look great! The first one is super nice.

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