Seems Like It’s All About Poop…

So the bug and I were driving down to Vietnam Kitchen and I decided to put a little Van Morrison on while we were driving. There’s a song called “Reminds Me Of You” that’s on the “Back On Top” CD and in the chorus Van repeats the lines… “everything I do, reminds me of you”. Sofia’s in the back seat and she says, that’s silly. I say what’s silly? She says, he said everything I do, reminds me of you. I said, what’s silly about that? The bug says, well… does that mean that when he poops, it reminds him of that person? Instead of groaning, I decided to take another tack and said, well, the verse wouldn’t rhyme if Van sang… “everything I do except pooping, reminds me of you”. She immediately said, it’s not just everything except poop, what about pee? Before I could respond she added, what about throwup? And what about blasting? At that I conceded and admitted that she was correct and, literally speaking, the lyric is silly. I’d email Van the man, but from the interviews I’ve seen, I’m not sure he would care to hear the criticism. So I woke this morning to Sofia running around the house like crazy because we managed to get some work done on her stumphouse yesterday and she was going to go out and eat her pancakes in her house. My first post about the stumphouse was on April 4th and since I’m only able to work on it on the weekends, it took till May 8th to have a second day at it. The reasons for this are the usual… special days and holidays but mostly rain rain rain. In fact it’s supposed to rain for the next 3 days too and it feels like I’ll never get back on the bicycle. Anyway, here’s the bug eating breakfast…

So the stumphouse has merely been a plywood box, covered with a tarp and sinking into the mud that was once our back yard. I was a bit despondent as I removed the tarp to find it had settled all catterwhompus on it’s 2×4 blocks. I built the roof separate because it was already getting heavy. My neighbor Jamie came over to hoist it up on the stump but it was too heavy for the two of us to lift. We discussed getting more friends to help but I was disillusioned at the prospect of arranging 4 different people to be at my house at the same time. So… we decided that the only option left was the “Easter Island” method. For the uninitiated, this is the method of leaning and tumping and using blocks of wood to gain a mechanical advantage. We finally got it on the stump and later we hoisted the roof up on two step ladders…

My design was directed by my not wanting to buy any more wood and allowing air to come into the box which would have been like a prison hotbox if it was entirely closed up. The result, in my opinion, is a kind of sail that will catch the 50+ mph winds we’ve been having and send the whole stumphouse down the alley. Here’s some more pieces up on etsy (first click goes to etsy, others enlarge)…


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9 Responses to “Seems Like It’s All About Poop…”

  1. Tracey Says:

    First of all the last bowl is really really great! My dad built me a tree house when I was a little girl and I will never forget it. Lots of dreams and plans took place in that little house. My mom said she once counted 15 kids in the thing. It’s a wonder it stood up, it was rather ramshakle, but I loved it so much. The poop talk is crazy and will last until about 4th grade. The kids I used to teach could only talk about poop when using dark clay so I switched to white clay, it got better. It’s all about the poo…..

  2. Cindy Gilliland (DirtKiker Pottery) Says:

    The conversations I have with my 5 year old twin Grandson’s generally gravitate to the poop, burping and Transformers subject matter. It’s keeps us giggling.
    I love you current work. The last bowl is “to die for”. I could totally see that featured in “Country Living” magazine.

  3. meredith Says:

    It is all about the poop from day one until the last breath.
    But there is nothing poopy about the bowls.
    I am in love with the green.

  4. kyle Says:

    Jim, my daughter is 8 and its still all about poop and pee…its the default setting for everything right now. Hell Im in my 40’s and still love a good fart gag…maybe there is too much Howard Stern in my life but bodily humor still ranks high on my list!

  5. Patricia Griffin Says:

    I think Van the man would really LOVE Sofia’s insights. I sure do. Also, am coveting the stump house. I want one! Be a great place to retreat to, and eat pancakes. Yea! (BTW: Love the green bowl.)

  6. Mark Kane Says:

    I love that green bowl. Its endlessly in elegant motion, like a dancer in a trance. Sufi dancers, maybe.

  7. Henhouse Pottery Says:

    As the mother of a 10-year old boy, I can attest to the fact that it is poop, poop, poop and more poop. And it just seems to get funnier to him the older he gets. Sigh.

    The bowls are beautiful. I especially love the green bowl. Is that a celadon glaze?

    • jim Says:

      i kinda figured the poop thing would continue, i know some adults that still haven’t really gotten past it. (not me tho… really, not me). the glaze is not a real celadon but it does have a similar hue.

  8. Connie Says:

    Jim, the poop has started at my house. My three year old loves talking about poop. Because his school discourages toilet talk, we help with telling him no potty talk. So the other day I was singing, “Jeepers, Creepers, Where did you get those Peepers?” And Van says, “Mommy No potty talk!” I say, “I didn’t potty talk.” He looks at me and smiles and says, “Peeeeeeee-pers” You said a dirty word. All I can say is we are in trouble! With the Dirty word cop.

    Your pots are beautiful! I love the mug!

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