Peonies And Greenware…

Things have been rolling along here. I put in almost 100 miles this week on the bike and I’m about over the hump on the early season pain from winter fuzz and atrophy. It’s all about the peonies right now. The ones I had plus the ones I dug up from when my neighbor was going to till them under and that have finally got their roots set down good have come out in spades. Here’s a perfect specimen…

Sofia made vases full for peonies for mom for mother’s day and after those and a couple other bouquets, she still went around and counted over 50 blossoms just in our small front yard. Usually it rains when they’re fully blooming and the weight of the water bends them earthward but as of yesterday, they were still up off the ground. Of course the weather’s changed back and it’s cool and rainy today and for days to come…

While I was taking garden pics, I got this one of the bottle brush buckeye, merely on it’s 3rd year…

In the studio, my test tiles that I made out at the mount with their extruder dried so I put underglaze stripes on them for testing…

So last monday, I was all set to start another new round of work and was getting pretty psyched when it occurred to me that if I included all the test tiles that I had probably another whole load of greenware and the idea of completely free shelves with no old greenware lying around appealed to me. I decided to at least bisque it all. Unfortunately most of it was not decorated at all so I went to making little squares…

Here’s a large shallower bowl with the squares…

I took a couple of pictures of the inside and they kinda reminded me of the Piazza Del Campo in Siena, the gentle sloping half-funnel shaped public space that always ranks high on lists of the best architectural spaces in the world. Maybe I can use that description on etsy?… Piazza del Campo inspired bowl…

I’m also trying to duplicate an effect that I used on a glass in the previous kiln load except a bit different execution. Of course these are only part-way into the process…

Lastly, I was playing around with some of my terra sig and started building up a low relief of texture. I guess I’ll have to see how this holds up after a firing but either way, it was fun doing it…


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9 Responses to “Peonies And Greenware…”

  1. Cindy (DirtKicker Pottery) Says:

    100 miles in 1 week is major. Good for you! I’ve been riding my bike too, but I think I only got about 12 miles in this week, which for me is better than nothing. Your garden and your pots are looking just beautiful.

  2. meredith@whynot Says:

    I grew peonies this year and I did not even know it.
    It was given to me by my sister- very pretty.
    Oh yea those bowls look like a walk in the park!
    All the pots look great- I really like the tea bowl.

  3. judi tavill Says:

    Love the creative exploration… and the peonies… and the biking… I need to move my tushy more… the studio keeps SUCKING me in!

  4. medrecgal Says:

    I always enjoy your pots and such, but I’m absolutely loving those peonies. They remind me of Grandma and the row of them that graced the length of the driveway; she had all three colors and they were beautiful. If only I could grow flowers like she did…but I do have a couple of houseplants that have been around a year or two.


  5. ang Says:

    oh yes you can!!!! use that description any rules against??? love the lettering work again, just gorgeous man…

  6. Patricia Griffin Says:

    100 miles on the bike… go Jim go!… The flowers are lovely, as are your pots. That build-up of terra sig on the inside of the piece looks really interesting.

  7. Skuzy Says:

    I want some peony perfume – or lily of the valley. I love that shallow bowl. You could place little plastic horses on the edge of it.

  8. Michele Says:

    the interiors of those bowls are absolutely amazing.

  9. Eugene Hon Says:

    Love the peonies, they feature in my drawings and finally the major symbol of change in the ceramic animation. Great to see some new work – developing ceramic surfaces are so exciting. Looking at your work inspires me to get back to making some ceramics that involves the tactile quality that plays such an important role in our discipline and or craft form.The animation although unique is so far removed from decorating one’s own work, something I really enjoy in the design side of my work.

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