Justin Beaver Is No Crappy Face…

Long time readers may remember this post where I recounted my early success in convincing the bug when she was about 2 1/2 years old that the d1sney princesses were all named crappy face. Well the glory days are apparently over as she came home from school talking about Just1n B1eber the other day. I don’t think she’s seen him anywhere yet but has heard him at the roller skating party. I interceded in this conversation and insisted that her and her friends were mispronouncing it and his name is really Justin Beaver. A flicker of doubt ran across her face but she easily dismissed this and the jig was up. I had to pull out big guns and tried to convince her that young Mr. Beaver has a cousin named Justin Racoon. Her deep seated skepticism didn’t allow her to even bite for a second. I gave it the old college try but I guess it’s time for me to up my game. In other news, Sofia has settled on a color for the stumphouse. I don’t usually like to go on about the weather but we are drowning in rain… it’s hard to believe how much and bike riding has become more difficult to work in. So has painting the stumphouse, by time we get it painted, she will have lost interest. Here’s the bug putting on a coat…

Maybe we’ll wrap it up this weekend if it’s not raining… yeah right. Just thought I’d throw in another pic of the bug playing dressup…

Seems the last post generated a few comments. I resisted the urge to reply and would only like to point out that I tried to make a sharp distinction between normal use or even frequent use and outright obsession. Just one thing on that note, I recently read an article saying that the iPad we now responsible for a plummet in extramarital affairs because iPad owners are not only not interested in the opposite sex, they are unaware they even exist… also they are unaware that other living things even exist. The bisque came out fine…

Sorry for the blurry picture. I decided that I was going to go back and make a definitive inventory of glaze test tiles for all the glaze I have mixed up over the years sitting idle in my basement. Some of these are so old that I wasn’t even using porcelain and many other things have changed since then and I can’t really remember what all of them looked like. I’ve been surprised at how tedious and time consuming it is, especially if the glaze has no water left and has to be reconstituted first. It should be interesting. Here’s the beginning of my test tiles…

Here’s the reconstituted, remixed and re-sieved glazes stacked up so far…


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5 Responses to “Justin Beaver Is No Crappy Face…”

  1. Tracey Says:

    first of all I really like the glaze buckets you have, never thought of those for glaze, but they look perfect! I’m usually out trolling for buckets behind restaurants.
    Thank goodness Wesley has moved on to having really great taste in music and I get a lot of good tunes from her, thank goodness also we missed the Justin Beaver( I like calling him that, sorry) craze, but we did have Backstreet Boys around here for a while, even went to their concert when she was in second grade, crazy time! I highly recommend taking Sophia to a Beaver concert 🙂
    Oh, that purple stump house is crying out for some graffiti art, ala Sophia!

  2. Carolyn Singh Says:

    I love the purple house. I would have gone for a Frieda blue myself, but the purple is great.

    And you officially have more glaze than I do!

  3. meredith@whynot Says:

    Justin who- i pad what?
    Greek- it is all Greek to me.
    in fact I prefer Greek.
    I have a pay as you go phone that I forget to turn on when I go…..
    Need I say more?
    Love the picture, the purple and I hope it quits raining.
    Should I just text that to you.
    wait and I will – no really wait it will take me about an hour.
    Still waiting…..I am looking for the J…

  4. Zygote Says:

    Guess I’m lucky… no Beavers here, just Coltrain and AC/DC, whew!

  5. Hilary Says:

    yes, i have noticed this “head in my device” syndrome and have considered flashing/mooning a few people who are totally unaware of the rest of us who still make eye contact with others! do show us a photo of the glazes when you’ve fired the test tiles and don’t forget to give each glaze a name or number (the photo didn’t show id tags) i really like your blog, now off to the garden day for planting my food, cheers, hilary

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