The Mulberries Are Out…

Need I say more?…

I was rooting around the other day and found this drawing by the little mulberry hound…

I also came upon this old picture that proving that I once was young and wielded a paddle making things out of slabs…

Tuesday was a bust since I drove all day on Monday and I spent wed-fri getting a kiln load glazed and loaded. It’s firing now and I’m hoping that the rain that’s gonna be on and off all day doesn’t cause a lapse in the electrical current. I’ve got a bit of new stuff in the kiln but mostly I’m curious about the results of some glaze testing tiles. Here’s the lineup waiting to be loaded…

It’s a 55 tile test of a “matte” base glaze with 10 variations that are all combined with one another totaling 55. I will be happy if I get one keeper of the 55 but while measuring out ingredients, I ran out of an ingredient and had to make a substitution on the fly so who knows what will happen with that. I also managed to remix and sieve every glaze I have in the house to finally catalog what I’ve got as I’ve forgotten many of them.


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4 Responses to “The Mulberries Are Out…”

  1. gz Says:

    mulberries, YAY!!!!
    Glazes, WOW!!!

  2. ang Says:

    55 go jim!! have you given up on the terrasig??

    • jim Says:

      hi ang,
      i haven’t given up on the terra sig although i don’t think i’ll be using it the way i first intended, the shellac is sweet over the top of it.

  3. Natalie Thiele Says:

    Love the mullberry hound’s drawing. Is she related to Huckleberry Hound?

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