Busy Buggy Weekend…

I’ve been trying to not to feel guilty about my relative absence online lately but it does bug me. Aside from not having any burning issues that need to be elaborated, it may be the cycling that has filled the time hole. Although the rain has been incessant and has deeply cut into my cycling days, on the days I go, I can count on at least 2 hours out of the middle of the day and I extended to 40 miles the other day and that took me about 2 1/2+ hours so… something’s got to give. The bug and I have had a pretty eventful weekend though. Last night we went to an opening at Mount St. Francis for a textile person named Karen Schellinger. She makes lovely “hooked” rugs that are hung on the walls and have imagery like paintings do. Sofia was fascinated and at one point Karen was nice enough to give her a little session…

Here’s another pic that Jennifer took that’s just little miss photogenic…

The bug also spent some time in the library the other day and came home with this shield she made, what a nice sentiment on the shield (imagine how frightened the huns would have been seeing that message coming at them)…

Staying on the subject of the bug, I finally started throwing again on Friday and that meant that Sofia was itching to get into some clay too. I committed to working with her today to make some dolls. Here’s the little clayhound at her workbench…

Here’s today’s output, we had fun…

Last but not least, I unloaded my kiln early in the week. It had my test tiles in it and the new glaze test was largely a bust. The base glaze looks very good, I just didn’t have any colorant combos that really got me. One reason is that I wanted to stay away from hues I already had and another was I erred on the light side of percentages of colorants mostly because I usually go a little heavy in that direction. I mention in a previous post that I ran out of a certain ingredient while formulating the base glaze and modified the glaze on the fly. Well, this should be filed under “can’t get used to the fact that I’m as blind as a bat” but a 50 lb. bag of said missing ingredient was right by the door to the studio which I have been almost stepping over daily for about a year… dumbass. Anyway, I haven’t had time to examine the test results closely yet so I’ll have to get to that soon. The rest of the kilnload came out fine and here’s some (using the terra sig) that I’ve already posted on etsy (clicking the first pic goes to etsy, the rest enlarge)…

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8 Responses to “Busy Buggy Weekend…”

  1. gz Says:

    That glaze looks like an exciting new step!
    Good for you with the cycling…giving me a guilty conscience now!!

  2. meredith@whynot Says:

    I love that glaze! Beautiful and works so nice with your work.
    So your daughter is interested in being a hooker.
    We have some happy hookers that live here in Seagrove.
    I love the heads too- charming..!
    Trying to keep cool here in muggy NC

  3. Troy Bungart Says:

    I do like the terra sig results.

  4. Michele Says:

    cool scary babies… be sure to post pics when they are done!

  5. Judy Shreve Says:

    Love the new glaze/terra sig & amazed at how many miles you are able to cycle each week!
    Those baby heads remind me of those Chucky movies – scary! lol

  6. Patricia Griffin Says:

    The photo with Sofia and her wonderful shield is delightful.

  7. Tracey Says:

    Whew, finally got your page to load! I have been trying for several days and for some reason it wouldn’t open for me. Just in time to see the decapitated heads, lovely! They are actually kinda cool, and then I caught up on all my reading, all the way back to the trip to Florida, now I’m going to bed!

  8. Skuzy Says:

    cool dolls!

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