Fat Juggling Batons…

So my friend Susan in N. California sent me this print the other day. It has a beautifully romantic poem about clay (you may have to click and enlarge to be able to read the text)…

Sofia spent the first half of every day this week at some sort of “theater” camp help up at the school. She apparently had a ball. Mom took some shots on the last day and here’s my favorite where she’s caught mid-spin…

Not sure why but I started throwing these tall skinny-necked vases this week, they kind remind me of juggling batons…

The weather was hot but the rain held off and I was able to get over a 100 miles in on the bicycle this week. I only narrowly escaped death twice which is pretty good for that many miles. My good friend Vern had an opening and the bug and I dropped in (the bug was mostly interested in the potential that there might be cheese there, there wasn’t). I’ve seen nearly all of Vern’s digital work on the computer but it was great to finally see all of them printed out and large. Here’s a new one that wasn’t at the exhibition…

Here’s some of the pieces recently loaded up to the etsy site (first click goes to etsy, the rest enlarge…

The real big news of the week is the beginning of the dog wars here on our street which is long overdue. Maybe I’ll tackle it in another post… or maybe not as the generally irrationality surround dogs evident by recent events will undoubtedly assure a lack of commiseration. Tata.


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5 Responses to “Fat Juggling Batons…”

  1. meredith Says:

    the bowl has a lovely combination of colors and i love the shape.
    Dog wars- might be as interesting or more so the the pottery wars that happen down our way.
    Potter bites Potter….could make for a good headline.

  2. Brian Fields Says:

    The skinny neck vases are nice, very graceful. I’d started throwing teardrop vases about two weeks ago… must be a summer phenomenon or something.

  3. soubriquet Says:

    “Fat juggling batons yourself, Mister! HOW DARE YOU?!!”
    She slams the phone down.
    A silence ensues.
    The potter sits, bemused.
    Down the street, a rattling, as the dogs reload. There’s been a brief cease-fire, during the afternoon heat, but now the muzzles are off.
    We think the pit-bulls at number 28 have a tank.

  4. andrew widdis Says:

    It’s mid Winter here in Australia, and I’m down the bottom where it’s freezing.
    During Summer I think Winter is easier to cope with; just put another jumper on or turn the heater up.
    Now it’s Winter and freezing cold, I long for balmy Summer days. Summer’ easy; Just go for a dip.

    I love those “juggling batons” esp. the one on the left. Also the yellow and brown bowl; very Japanese and too some extent the last vase.

    Winter is just plain cold and wet at the moment. I’ll swap you!

  5. Judy Shreve Says:

    Jim – love your new work – the tall vases and your new color(s). That yellow/brown bowl is sweet!

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