Ahoy Troy And Goodbye Cy…

It’s always nice to get a testimonial from someone and that’s just what happened the other day. This was a whole blog post about a couple pots that Troy Bungart had purchased from me. Troy’s post is here and if you get a hankerin’, go ahead and check it out as Troy has a way of waxing poetic about pots. Here’s Troy with a bowl he got from me…

As it turns out, aside from being a potter and a pot aficionado, Troy also makes beautiful throwing tools out of hardwoods. Here’s a “surfboard” rib…

Check out his etsy store here if you get another hankerin’.

Thanks Troy. In other news, Cy Twombly died yesterday. He was a mark maker extraordinaire and I have been a big fan ever since the first time I saw one of his paintings in person. I have a friend who happens to be the father of an old girlfriend (no really, it can happen) who’s a painter and apparently one of his friends hung out with Cy some time ago. Anyway, he insists that the pronunciation of his last name is Toom blee as opposed to the way I’ve said it for 25 years or so as twom blee. Here’s one of Cy’s pieces…

The weather’s been nice for cycling and I upped my ride to 45 miles yesterday. I was making good time as I am feeling stronger until I ran head on into a thunderstorm. The headwind slowed me considerably and for the first mile or so I was riding in a sunshower. Then the storm got real and I had to take shelter. As I resumed my ride, a bit of fatigue had settled in and the drop in temperature combined with the fact that I was soaked through made me colder than hell even though it was still around 80 degrees. I’ve continued making the fat jugglers but they are looking less like batons. Curiously enough, I can’t stand to not trim the bottom and trimming the bottom of a tall long necked vessel presents a problem. I know that if I was more systematic that I would have made several chucks to use for this but I haven’t and I never seem to remember til I need one. Anyway, enter Mr. Giffin…

While trying to get this (and all the others) centered, I began thinking that the real Mr. Giffin may not have intended his wonderful tool’s envelope to be pushed this far. The main problem is that 80% of the pot is above the longest little foamy “holders” which means that taking any real “bite” with a trimming tool will pull the whole thing off center and dent the neck where the “holder” thingies are. So in my normal daydreaming overanalysis, it occurred to me that this might be something Mr. Giffin or Mr. Sherrill (I love his tools too) might consider if they’re wondering what to make next. My idea is a series of four cast aluminum or plastic chucks ranging in height from 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 inches tall that fit over the allen screws that hold one’s bats on the wheel. Each chuck has some of that spongy styrofoam that will not mar the neck of the bottle, vase or even lid with a tall handle. Maybe each chuck could have three inserts where the hole is 2, 3, and 4 inches in diameter. So what do you think? I’d buy one. Don’t you just hate non-entrepreneurs that come up with ideas like this. Just to set the record straight, I actually invented the sweatshirt with the slit from the neck down about 6″ inches that was worn by the girl in the “Flashdance” movie years before the movie was made. No one believes me and after that movie everyone was wearing them. Anyway, until someone jumps on this adjustable chuck idea, I’ll just continue with Mr. Giffin’s grip (here’s the after shots)…


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5 Responses to “Ahoy Troy And Goodbye Cy…”

  1. meredith@whynot Says:

    Me- I like to problem solve.
    Somewhere I have a picture of Mark trimming a big bottle in a 5 gal. bucket– and now I have to go look to see if there was a giffin grip in the equation…

  2. gz Says:

    it is good to be appreciated.

    Having a break in a ride doesn’t always work…that lactic acid sets in in the muscles and it takes a while to shift!

  3. ang Says:

    wow what a bonus post…. love the pot, the tool and the painting…how come i’ve never heard of this guy????huh??? love it anyway :))

  4. soubriquet Says:

    I don’t own a Giffin, but I’ve used them a lot, and think they’re wonderful things, just a bit too expensive.
    I used to have a selection of bisc-thrown cylinders for trimming tall things. If I do it now, I have to find a jam-jar, coffee-tin, or similar ready made object and stick it to the wheel with wads of clay.

    I invented the velcro-closure one-armed sweat-shirt: I’d just broken my left arm, a few inches below the shoulder, and was wearing a very large cast, with the arm set with a 90 degree elbow-bend. none of my clothes would go on over the cast.
    My friend’s girlfriend was a seamstress, though, so I bought some sweatshirts and velcro, and commissioned several alterations. I became thus, the inventor of the “Rip-Off” ™ sweatshirt.

    I always thought Twombly rhymed with Womble-ey.
    I think Sofia’s paintings are better than his.

  5. Seltsa Says:

    I invented the water with a splash of fruit jiuce decades ago. I also invented in my mind a very lightweight trailer to be used with hybrid cars. Also in my mind I have invented little fingertip rubbers for tenderfings who want to play guitar. And how about earphones for Spanish-only speakers with dubbed in Spanish at the movie theater?

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