Bowling For Vases…

It’s been a strange week or so. I can’t really elaborate beyond that except to say that the computer has been pushing me away. The heat has been unbearable for one and the computer happens to be situated in the hottest “nook” in the house. We had two days last week with a heat index of 115 degrees which I read was highest in the US… and according to the weather prognosticators, there will be an entire week of the same starting Monday. Last weekend, the bug and I went up to Mt. St. Francis to pick blackberries and we were a bit early. We did find some but I imagine this week it will be gangbusters. Not sure if we’ll brave the fields again this week or not. We had many ticks on us when we got home. I read once that a tick lies dormant on a blade of grass say (for up to ten years sometimes). Apparently when a mammal comes by exuding carbon dioxide as we all do, the tick will come out of dormancy and leap onto a passing deer, for instance, in a split second. I’ll try to remember this the next time I’m feeling smug about us humans and our wonderful self consciousness. Anyway, I also traveled with my good friend Jeff down to Lexington because KY Mudworks (our local clay center) was having their 10th year anniversary and were having a mini-NCECA-type event with demonstrations and lectures, etc. Yosuke from Shimpo was there demo-ing the Whisper wheel which is what I own. I had actually read Yosuke’s name on the itinerary and watched his demo before realizing that he was the same guy that had helped me out with sterling customer service when I had to replace the motor on my wheel some time back… in this post. In my mind, his name was Yoski because I had never seen it spelled out, but I finally caught one. He threw a 50 lb. bowl as part of his demo. I have no interest in throwing 50 pounders but it was fun to watch and I enjoyed the way he wrapped a large sponge around his fist and pushed straight down to open a hole in the clay. Here’s some shots…

I really wish I had one of those blue throwing suits that Yosuke’s wearing. So the event was fun but when we decided to leave we couldn’t get on the interstate. I was beside myself as I tried to maneuver the streets and find a way to leave town but everywhere we turned was just more traffic jams. We decided to stop and have lunch and let it pass but an hour later, still knotted up all over town. I felt like I was at the hotel california and I couldn’t leave Lexington. We couldn’t figure out what kind of event could completely shut down a whole town’s roads. Eventually (2 1/2 hours later), we took a blue highway to Frankfort and got on the interstate there. I looked it up on the interweb at home and it turns out there was a 47 car pile up on I-64 which included a fire truck and a large boat that had fallen off it’s trailer. I’ve been pretty busy in the studio. On those hot days, I was throwing while wearing my birkenst0cks with bare feet and I was sweating so much that the sweat was rolling down my legs and making puddles in my shoes so that they squished whenever I got up to walk to a table or something. We gave in and turned the AC on that evening. So I’m done with the vases for now and have moved on. Wouldn’t it be wild to set these up and roll a bowling ball into them?…

I’m really looking forward to decorating these but I imagine it will take me forever.


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4 Responses to “Bowling For Vases…”

  1. barbaradonovan Says:

    Well, I’d hate to see these vases bowled over, but way way back in the day in school, we used to set up pots we wanted to get rid of in front of a cinderblock wall in the kiln yard and play “bowling for art” with an old bowling ball. Quite theraputic.

    Ick….hope it cools off for y’all.

  2. Judy Shreve Says:

    Jim – I can’t imagine throwing in that excessive heat! Whew – spent too many years in my unheated/air conditioned garage. The heat just wipes me out. We’ve had over 100 degree heat index in GA all week as well. Glad for my air conditioned studio.
    Cool seeing those vases all lined up – looking forward to seeing them decorated & glazed. Loving your new color combos.

  3. ang Says:

    oooh i do love a good demo….hope you took home a lil gem of info with you and didn’t loose it in the jam 😛

  4. Zygote Says:

    I’m gonna hate myself for saying this but it’s been a very unseasonal 83 degrees all week with a nice delta breeze blowing in from the west. Maybe Northern California isn’t as bad as I thought.

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