Driven Up The Walls…

I’ll just shorten all the complaining about the heat down to this… it’s too damn hot. It’s been driving Sofia up the walls…

The bug is getting proficient on her bicycle which means we will soon be able to ride together and I think she’ll be very excited when she gets on the actual bike path as opposed to streets and parking lots. She’s also gotten proficient on her scooter which she took on our walk with the dog this morning. There was a catch though. When a child starts losing teeth, there’s no shortage of people suggesting that they tie their tooth to a doorknob and slam the door and many have but the bug has invented her own method of dealing with a loose tooth. In fact it’s also good for loosening the tooth in the first place. I didn’t realize this but when a kid is trying to go fast on a scooter and pushes backward with her free foot, her head bobs down (bobs down?) when the foot is thrust backward. If she kicks hard enough, it will drive her head, in this case her open mouth, against the handle bars of the scooter. This is precisely what happened this morning and after the blood and tears stopped, the bug had one less tooth. Here’s the toothless wonder…

And here’s a more contemplative shot…

I didn’t get much riding done this week but did manage to go for a 50 miler on Monday. Apparently, I’m getting to the point when two jugs of water isn’t enough to keep me going well so I guess I’m going to have to start bringing some kind of food or electrolyte replacement with me. I felt good that day though. We had our first meeting of Club 54 on Thursday night and I forgot my camera. As if to exaggerate the passing of years, the birthday boy showed up limping… Al twisted his ankle at the Falls of the Ohio and was on crutches for a couple days I guess. This did not inhibit his (or our) ability to drink beers though. I haven’t studied my glaze testing tiles yet but have pulled out a couple of my favorites. Here’s the one’s I like so far…

Unfortunately, these are not new glazes but older glazes that have a different glaze over the top but I’ll take what I can get. I got stuck severing pots this week and poking at them from the inside. I guess I’ll see where this goes if anywhere…

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9 Responses to “Driven Up The Walls…”

  1. meredith@whynot Says:

    ouch! Time for some corn on the cob.
    Some interesting glazes, it makes me want some white clay to work with.
    The grass is always greener sort of thing.
    It had been bloody hot here and sends us outside at 6:30 am and back in around 8-9 am- too darn hot.

  2. gz Says:

    Oooh, teeth- I remember my top teeth coming through- I had a double row, eight instead of four! I was glad to lose the baby ones!!

    That pale green test tile looks attractive.

    Electrolytes would be a good idea in the heat you’re having- helps your body rehydrate quicker than just water. Sipped not gulped, too. Must find time to get out on my bike!!

  3. Tracey Says:

    I like the bowls very much! and the contemplative photo of the cutie pie. DAMN DAMN HOT!!!

  4. ang Says:

    brilliant wall climbing effort!! and ab love the pokey pots….feel free to send some heat over here :))

  5. pru Says:

    Hi Jim, I like those scarified bowls they look.. tribal.
    We reakon its pretty cold here but it’s actually 24 celsius in the day which is nice really, except we have to put a cardi on in the evening which seems to be enough reason to wish it was warmer,..crazy wingers

  6. Michael Giles Says:

    I like the bowls with the lines with the poking from the inside. Reminds me of some amazing pieces by a Mexican potter by the name of Gustavo Perez. Google him and see what you think…

  7. Troy Bungart Says:

    I remember tying my brothers tooth to a door nob, almost tore his head off, live and learn.
    Those glazes should pool nicely in your incisions. Nice forms.

  8. Patricia Griffin Says:

    I love where you’re headed with the poking technique. Very cool!

  9. Eugene Hon Says:

    Yes Giles you are 100% correct, the first time I looked at the bowls I thought that the scarification marks with the protrusion from the inside reminded me of his trade mark ceramic insignia. There is a South African that I believe copied his work recently and when I posted something to that affect on Facebook, it caused an enormous debate and infuriated Gustavo Perez. He did not even know about the individual in question’s work – until it was brought to his attention via Facebook (posted images of the work) – the debate raged on for a week and a half – Galleries and agents also adding their views and opinions. The local artist has received enormous government support and is a South African Design/ceramic Icon. His work was exhibited extensively at SA cultural exhibition stands locally and abroad. So beware Jim – you might want to check out his work and make sure you shift the decoration and or surface development option that much further.

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