A Bird In The Hand (Or On The Head)…

Well, school started this week, albeit a couple days late. We were all geared up for it to start on Monday but on Saturday night we had one hell of an intense storm that resulted in the power going out. Luckily our power was only out for about 8 hours but it was out all over the city and in many places was out for days. This resulted in having the first 2 days of school off and Sofia didn’t go until wednesday. It’s only been a few days and we already miss having her around all day and the house is quiet quiet. I walked her to school on Friday morning where we overtook a grandmother who was walking her grandson to the same school. She was older and walking slowly and as we got abreast of them, she said hi. We said hi and she asked, “what grade are you in?”. I said, “I don’t go to school anymore”. As is typical with me and maybe it’s my delivery, this was not immediately understood as a joke, more like that I had simply not gotten the fact that she was talking to Sofia. What can I say, I keep trying. This week the bug and I had another whirlwind weekend, the climax of which is evident in this picture…

Here’s some shots I took at lunch beforehand…

Before I get to Silkies and Polish chickens I wanted to update a post I did a while back about my continuing inability to communicate in broken spanish to the people at the mexican restaurant that we go to sometimes. This link goes to the the original post where I tried to explain what I did for a living to the guy at the cash register by using the word arcilla (clay). If you happened to read that post you will remember that apparently no one involved seemed to have ever heard of the word arcilla and I was a bit dumbfounded. As a small vindication, I saw this post on FB one day from one of my international “friends”…

In that pic not only is the word arcilla used but it’s followed by the english translation. But onto the story. I go up to the register to pay and the woman at the counter is a very short, smiling, round woman. There’s a moment of awkwardness as she runs my credit card in silence and being the king of small talk, I venture out with a “it sure got busy all of a sudden”. The woman lit up and agreed. She immediately asked, “where’s your wife?” to which I replied, “she works on weekends”. “What does she do?” Me: “she’s a nurse”. This is followed by a couple questions about what hospital and then… “so what do you do for work?”. I remembered the last arcilla fiasco so I opted for “I’m a potter”. Her face pinched up in an expression of bewilderment. I said, “arcilla?”. Nope. “ah porcelana”. She seemed to know what porcelana was but couldn’t figure out how it was related to my job. As I stood there making throwing gestures which I’ve come to believe no one recognizes except other potters, she just stared like I was pantomiming something completely fictional. Finally, a younger woman came up who also works there but speaks fluent english. She manages to explain as I’m hunting for a business card that might have a picture that is explanatory. Suddenly, the short round woman gets a flash of recognition and the younger woman leaves to do something. Now the woman starts pantomiming a kick wheel kicking her foot in the air. I nod in agreement and start to explain that my wheel is electric. She just keeps kicking her foot in the air and I decide to let it go. So she looks at me and says what sounds like… “sexy job”. This is where my mind starts swimming (like it always does) and I figure since she said the two words so quickly that maybe I misunderstood. I shrug a bit and she says… “sexy job”. Now I’m thinking really? sexy? Maybe she saw “Ghost” or something but really, what’s so sexy about kicking your foot? Lost in reverie for a moment and apparently not responding quickly enough she says… “sexy job” again. Sorry but I threw in the towel and simply agreed with her and she seemed happy that we understood how sexy being a potter is. So there you have it. After lunch we went to my friend Ray’s house who had just gotten some chickens a couple months ago and we went to see how big they had gotten since we had first seen them (they were very young and small then). He has two different kinds”, silkies and polish. Here’s the coop and run that Ray built complete with a ceramic roof (not quite finished yet)…

Although this one is not necessarily named Phyllis Diller (one of them is), most of the ones of this breed share a likeness to her hairstyle…

Here’s when they opened the floodgates…

Sofia had a ball chasing them around and setting them on perches, tossing them to get them to flutter down to the ground and petting them until they fell asleep. Here’s some more of the shenanigans…

Here’s one set on a tree limb perch…

Ray has a big yard with a big garden and a three stall composting area which is nirvana for the chickens. They all made a beeline to the compost heap where they immediately started scratching and digging for worms and other tasty critters…

Here’s the bug with her new friend…

Here’s the bug feeding the bunch of them with a handful of mealy worms…

Last but not least here’s dad relaxing on a lawn chair when Sofia decided to catch as many chickens as possible and set them on me…

I was just hoping none of them decided to soil my shirt. We also spent some time in the studio this weekend where I decided to see if Sofia was interested in the shellac technique (she was)…

We also blew up some balloons inside of some old socks and dipped them in casting slip, (we’ll see)…

Here’s some of the bug’s tiles after the shellac technique was used…

That’s all I got, sayanora.


12 Responses to “A Bird In The Hand (Or On The Head)…”

  1. tracey Says:

    Boy I wish I could turn back the clock to first grade. This going off to college thing is the worst thing EVER! I heard all the empty nest stories, but man, no one ever prepared me for what a change your life goes through in the blink on an eye, and it’s a very unwelcome change, I may have to purge all of this on my blog πŸ™‚
    LOVE that chicken coop!

  2. Judy Shreve Says:

    Sofia is so gorgeous and photogenic! – and you guys have so much fun on the weekends!
    Love the continuing Mexican/Spanish language story. Where do you find these people! lol

  3. meredith@whynot Says:

    Oh you do have a sexy job- maybe she thought you did mud wrestling….
    You can’t fool me I know you are still a school boy at heart.
    Those are some lucky chickens to have such a coop!

  4. Cindy Gilliland (DirtKicker) Says:

    Pretty cool balloon sock project. Don’t forget to show us the results.
    LOL.. Sexy job. I just had to laugh at that story. OMGosh, how uncomfortable that must have been. I once was told that making pottery was a hippy job. That made me laugh too.

  5. barbaradonovan Says:

    “I’m a potter. It’s a sexy job”. Yes, I think I just might have to give that one a try πŸ™‚

  6. cindy shake Says:

    GREAT Chickens!! Love that balloon project idea! Very cool roof tiles too.

  7. darlene Says:

    ha ha ha! love the sexy job bit. My husband and I were always hearing people talk about the movie Ghost and wondering what all the fuss was about. We finally watched it and laughed ourselves silly. That scene was way too clean – mud should have been everywhere!
    Adorable kid! Glad you have those special times together πŸ™‚

  8. red dirt girl Says:

    Hi Jim,

    My kids went off to school this week, too! No sexy job for me though – haha. My oldest left for college (first one out of the nest) and I’m suffering through severe withdrawal pains! Talk about life’s transitions. Soubriquet came to Texas for a brief visit and fun was had by all πŸ˜‰ I miss him, too. It’s fun watching the bug grow up on your blog. Wish I had that ceramic roof on my house ….


  9. ang Says:

    dipping balloons feels like a college experiment…love it though!!! and of course the chickens hair doo’s are simply stunning

  10. M@ Says:

    Damn right sexy job! You get all sweaty and dirty and hot. What’s not sexy about that?

  11. Jason Says:

    Sofia is as cute as ever. And those chickens are so. . .fluffy!

    I love your smart response when people ask what grade you’re in. You’re a fun dad.

  12. Tabula(e) Rasa(e)… « Sofia’s Dad’s Pots Says:

    […] friend Ray… you may remember a post about Sofia and I visiting him and all his new chickens here. Anyway, apparently having chickens creates certain conditions in the yard and in the coop. One is […]

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