Eeww, Gross!…

Hmmm, where to start? Here’s some more greenware…

I ran a bisque last night and it’s still cooling. When I turned on my enviro-vent which is the fan attached to the steel stand that my kiln sits on, it made a loud clanging sound similar to the sound of the radiator fan in a car smashing against the radiator while it’s turning. Not sure about replacement, it’s 150$ and I have to disassemble the kiln to get at it. I’m sure I’ll warm up to the idea after some time has passed. Here’s the newest addition to the household, meet “king”/”polychrome”/”angelfish”…

I really liked polychrome as a name but the bug changed it to angelfish at the last minute and I thought she might move on to another but now it seems that she’s settled on that. This is a betta fish and I found out after we got it that they are so aggressive that if you hold a mirror up to the edge of the fishbowl, the fish will think it’s another of its kind and attack it. I’m wondering how many generations of fish that have had the result of the mirror being held up to them and, after attacking, hit their nose up against glass will it take before they evolve to a species that simply expects to hit glass when they see another of their kind. We were out walking the dog the other day and the bug picked up a squarish rock about the size of a baseball and was carrying it around with her. At one point she put it under her shirt and called to me… hey dad, I’m pregnant. Although hearing this is not always something a dad doesn’t want to hear, when your daughter is 6, it seems like a premonition. Anyway, she kept up with the pregnant stuff until she “gave birth” and the stone came out from under her shirt. This was short lived as it immediately went down her pants and as I turned around, she was walking with both hands holding the stone through her pants saying her baby was in her pants. Eventually, she let go and the rock slid slowly down the inside of her pants (she had tights on) and eked its way out at her ankle. This wasn’t all that unusual in the shenanigans that kids are always doing but coincidentally, it is a perfect segue into another somewhat related story. I would like to preface this by stating that if you are easily offended or unduly reverent of celebrities, you should probably stop here. A good friend of mine and his wife met at the K3ntucky Fr1ed Ch1ck3n technical center 20 something years ago. Back then they were in their 20s and there were people at the tech center that were much older than they were. On more than one occasion, an older worker related a story to them about the famous c0l0nel (you know the one I’m talking about). By the way, if you examine the company’s signage, the ol’ c0l0nel gets younger every year. But anyway, the story goes that the c0l0nel back then would occasionally attend company events and everyone seemed to be reverent of the famous… not sure what to call him. Anyway, at a reception of some sort the c0l0nel, standing up, starts to wriggle his hips in an unusual way and the people near him became curious about the movement when suddenly he shook a… hmmm, how should I say this?, oh hell, a turd out his pantleg and onto the floor. Now, it’s entirely possible that this is fabricated but knowing what I know, I think not. This begs the question… what does this have to do with ceramics? All I can say is that from my experience, potters are truth seekers and I feel it’s my duty (my duty not the c0l0nel’s dootie) to relay a hidden truth whenever possible. That now will segue into even more grossness. So, my friend Steven and I were having java yesterday morning on the outdoor patio of a coffee shop near our homes when a bus pulled up suddenly. The bus had a front door and another door toward the back. The back door swung open and a woman with a coke and a purse stood on the bottom step (still on the bus) and threw up 3 times onto her purse and the road. We tried not to look… really, but it was like watching a train wreck. OK, you’ve had enough. Here’s some greenware, all in the kiln which I will unload tomorrow…

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7 Responses to “Eeww, Gross!…”

  1. Ignatius Widiapradja Says:

    Love those vases!!!

  2. Judi Tavill Says:

    So…you know i love your work and I love love love it at this stage!

  3. tracey Says:

    You got a genie for those bottles? πŸ™‚ While I was reading the pregnant portion of the story I was thinking about all the stages kids go through and thought about the first and second graders I taught, all they could talk about was “dookie” , I was thinking to myself, your daughter is probably at that stage, but as I kept reading I find that, noooooo, it’s her dad that at that stage lol.

  4. Judy Shreve Says:

    I’m giving you the ‘gross-post’ award for the day – good thing those vases are so fabulous! πŸ™‚

  5. ang Says:

    that’s just bizarre!!!

  6. meredith Says:

    somedays it just does not pay to keep reading……..
    you get me everytime and I just keep reading- like a train wreck!
    Dancing forms…..

  7. Patricia Griffin Says:

    My first thought, always, with your posts is: “OMG, I’m not going to read ALL that! He’s crazy.” Then I skim, trying to get the gist. (Speed reader that I am.) Then —- slam —- I just come to a complete stop at some incredible sentence in an equally incredible and awesome story… So, then I have to go back to the beginning and really read it. And then I’m calling in my husband so I can read it a loud to him. And then we have to get on the phone and tell all our friends and relatives. And then (are you still reading?)… Seriously, your stories are wonderful. Even though this one is on the gross side, it will stick with me all day… eewwww!

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