What?, Can’t Hear Ya There…

Finally got the kiln fired and have a couple pressing tasks to attend to before getting the photography done, not the least of which is to see if I can locate a backdrop similar to the one that Michael Coffee talks about in his photo setup on this post. Here’s a glimpse with a couple non-professional pics…

I had a bit of a rough patch with an ear infection last week. I thought initially that an ear infection was an easy thing to attend to and went to an immediate care place to try and save the money of an appointment with my doctor (this is the same doctor that suggested I work in a hazmat suit). To make a long story short, I got a prescription and after 2 days, I was losing the hearing in my left ear and the whole left side of my head was in pain. No doubt the hazmat suit probably would have prevented the whole thing. In desperation, I ended up at an ENT and he put this thing in my ear, said lean your head back on the headrest and this is going to be uncomfortable. Now as someone who lives in a constant state of discomfort, I’m here to tell you that what ensued was in no way something akin to discomfort. This device was sucking out my ear and the pain was the worst in recent memory… it may have been the worst since I fell off my bike and landed on my hip or when I walked full speed into the coffee table causing a hematoma. It’s much better now but his little technique brought me to my knees in pain. As I was leaving the ENT dude said, water is the enemy so you need to plug your ear when you take a shower. That was news to me… water is the enemy? I thought picking in my ears with dog poop on my fingers was the enemy. He suggested I get a cotton ball (not a cotton boll) and put vaseline on it to keep the water out but I had neither lying around and decided to improvise…

It’s not as glamorous as the cotton boll setup but it has been working ok. There was a big workshop at the mount this last weekend at the Mary Anderson Center. There were three potters, all of whom teach at universities, and they refer to themselves as “the firm” (there’s actually a fourth guy but he wasn’t there). The origin of this name has to do with a passage in a 1950s boy scout manual and is too long of a story to elaborate here. Their idea is that exhibiting and doing workshops together is more likely to be successful than flying solo on everything. Here’s a couple shots of them working and their names from left to right are Steve Heywood, Mike Schmidt and Brian Jensen…

They made quite a bit of work and it was interesting to watch them all working side by side and cutting up together since they’ve known each other since college. Here’s a pic of Steve followed by some work he made and finished pieces that were in the gallery…

Here’s Michael followed by some of the pots he made and some finished ones in the gallery…

I don’t have a shot of Brian standing by his pots because he wasn’t around when I had my camera out but here’s some of his workshop pieces (Sofia’s favorites) and some finished amorphous pieces in the gallery…

The bug showed up on the second day and was pretty mesmerized by watching them make stuff…

She’s been busy lately playing and making stuff…

Here’s one her latest drawings…

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10 Responses to “What?, Can’t Hear Ya There…”

  1. Judi Tavill Says:

    So jim… I am not feeling great today and i am sitting here carving away today as this post came via email. Right as it came, my husband came home from operating…he is a (pediatric) ENT. So I decided to read him the first part of your post as I got a kick out of it and thought he should hear this from an extremely witty patient perspective. As I read, he is nodding and smiling and has diagnosed you with “swimmers ear”(even though I don’t think swimming is required) .That said, I a m giggling a bit but as I get to the sticking of the finger in the ear with dog poop on it I cannot read. It took me 3 tries! Completely tearing up in laughter as I read it, we both were HIGHLY amused! OMG! I was feeling sick abd tired and down and that laugh-cry was the best. I still got the chuckles typing this! You seriously are the best!!! Thank you!

  2. Connie Says:

    Hi Jim
    I’ve missd your blog!! It’s been months since I’ve had the chance to catch up on everyone. I hope that changes soon. What a great post to come back too. I have a student who has major ear issues, and she wears a plastic ear plug in her ear, during the shower. She is a swimmer! But she is looking at surgery, but while she is waiting they are having plug it up. good luck. I hope you are back to normal soon.

  3. cindy shake Says:

    What GREAT pots and pieces!!! LOVE all of them -your cups are FAB too 🙂

  4. Meredith Heywood Says:

    what,what I can’t hear you I have cotton balls in my ears…..
    I have had problems with my stupid ear for years and had to give up swimming.
    I could not give up showers so I too do this without getting water in my ears.
    Lovely, wonderful Pots.
    Hope you are 100% or at least 99.9% soon.
    Oh- the picture of by your sweet bug is fab!

  5. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion regarding photography and the link (as well as all the laughs about your ears!)… As usual, your posts inform and entertain!

  6. tracey Says:

    You are a nut case (I mean that in the nicest way!), your daughter is a brilliant artist, and those are some great photos of some beautiful pots, all of them. I use 6500 k temp bulbs and get a nice daylight effect, (suggested by my photographer husband) in case you can’t find the 3400k bulbs. If I had a nicer camera I think I could get some really nice photos, but my camera does ok. I can’t buy a really good camera because I abuse them, for example all the times I have dropped my nikon in a bar and have had to pry the lens out with needle nose pliers, see?!

  7. judi tavill Says:

    oh and yes… the bug is a rockstar artist… really impressed! I want TO WEAR the clothes she has drawn on her little fairies.

  8. ang Says:

    mmmmmm stunning cups jim man!! really like em :)) and that looks like a truly cool workshop, trippy addition parts and really productive…that’s the stuff

  9. shyrabbit Says:

    Here’s a link to the Grey Backdrop Paper, you ca also try B&H Photo they have it too:

  10. Rowanrose Says:

    Wow- Sophia is becoming an amazing artist- love it!
    Oh, your stuff is nice too.

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