(sh)It Just Rolls Off The Tongue…

Here’s the cutie pie, I took this pic on the porch before school and it almost makes me cry to look at it…

Not sure about this, but I think the cooler weather has hit the bug and the dog. Sofia wakes up with so much energy that it’s as if she drank 5 pots of coffee and the dog is pretty energetic too. I’m so envious… if I had that much energy, I’d be the king of the world (hey, maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have it). The little bug is growing up. She’s been saying funnier and funnier things (at least to me). The other day she was playing with the demon dog before school and, while frolicking, some saliva drooled out and landed on her dress. Pretty soon she was dancing around the kitchen singing… “I got spit on my dress and I don’t care, I got spit on my dress and I don’t care.” Then the other day she had her friend over and they were going in and out to her treehouse in the backyard. She came in while Mom was in the kitchen and said, “awww, Mom, I got dogshit on my shoe”. It was so matter of fact without the usual awkwardness of youngsters cussing for the first time… hell, I didn’t say shit in front of my dad until I was 32. So I guess I’m swelling with pride at her budding command of the language as she cussed with no pretense or embarrassment and the delivery and context were dead on. Next, of course, is to make sure she understands the consequences of speaking freely. I haven’t solved the photography thing yet but it’s still on the agenda. Here’s some snaps of a new bowl in my studio from the last load…

I’m very happy with this bowl as it is a combination of my shellac with my experiments with terra sig. In other news, check out what Mr. Troy Bungart sent me (thank you Troy!)…

I knew from Troy’s etsy shop that he was making beautiful tools but in person, it is so beautiful that it’s gonna be difficult for me to actually use it and get it all grunged up. I will though. In case you’re wondering, it’s made of wenge and the wood grain is lovely. It’s hard wood and should outlast me easily. If you have a hankerin’ to check out Troy’s tools go here. I stopped over at my good friend Jeff’s place the other day to see what he’s working on and things are coming along nicely. Here’s his first larger piece that he’s slowly drying…

The bicycle piece is about 30 inches tall. Here’s the one he’s in the middle of which will be even taller, the person will eventually be sitting in the chair that’s in the background…

Can’t wait to see how these get finished and fired. My other good friend Vern sent me his last photo collage…

I’m looking forward to seeing this print in person. Last but not least, my buddy Sebastian’s opening will be this friday. If you’re in the area and have a hankerin’, check it out…

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6 Responses to “(sh)It Just Rolls Off The Tongue…”

  1. Skuzy Says:

    Dang, what amazing art – about as amazing as on your last post! Why don’t you just have another kid? I bet you could do it.

  2. Meredith Heywood Says:

    oh but she should know when and where to drop the sh*t word.
    My daughter was so upset when the “teacher ” keep refering to hell but would not say the word.
    AJ knew it and spoke it out loud- when i picked her up she was in tears for being told thatit was a bad word.
    Oh, hell- that teacher can bite me it is just a word.
    Hell, hell, hell….
    anyway- love the pants! and your bowl and your growing up daughter.

  3. tracey Says:

    I’m 51 and I’m still not allowed to say “darn” in my mom’s house. Imagine what she’s going to say if she ever reads my blog! She washed my mouth out with soap when I was your daughter’s age for telling someone to eat shit 🙂

  4. Amy Says:

    what a beautiful girl! her smile lights up the world.

  5. Judy Shreve Says:

    When I was in about 3rd grade we had an art project in school – we covered old cigar boxes with papers as gifts for mom’s day. I finished mine and on it wrote in my best handwriting “mom’s sh(it)” and proudly showed it to the teacher. It was a common word in my house and I didn’t see any thing wrong with using it!
    Sofia is just gorgeous – inside & out – wouldn’t worry about her ability to express herself!
    That’s some crazy big sculpture – tres cool!

  6. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Beautiful bowl… and beautiful Sofia!

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