More Moh And Wackipedia…

Here’s a new vase/bottle…

Well, let’s see… I don’t consider myself an intrepid reporter by any means but occasionally I come upon something that seems to warrant a bit of attention. So, wacky wikipedia is the subject. In a way, it’s become a de facto standard for research on the internet. I’m fine with that and find myself looking things up there often. Anyway, a friend and I were looking up L0uisville St0neware (a long standing pottery located in Louisville) on wackipedia a week or so ago and they have a typical page with brief historical data and short synopsis of factoids. If one clicks the “edit” tab on any article, one can find out the author and if the author has his/her own page, one can look at that also… this is what we did. Now over time, I think wackipedia users take for granted the legitimacy of what’s written and in wackipedia’s defense, they have tools in place when someone has an agenda or represents one side of a debate, etc. But, here’s the page of the main author for the L0uisville St0neware page…

Click and enlarge to get the full effect. I’m particularly fond of the picture of the author and his description of himself (I wish I could write stuff like this). Here’s a snippet…”He is a penguin. Born in the highlands of Louisville over three decades ago. He is alone; there are no others like him. Always good, never evil. For decades he has battled the forces of stupidity, with reading his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his penguins, and with it his power. In the end there can be only one. He is Bedford, the Falklander.” As much as I’d like to believe that wiki contributors are all self-proclaimed geniuses dressed as Santa Claus, it does kinda call into question the accuracy of something written by this wackipedia author or any other for that matter. OK, glad that’s out of the way and I feel better at having done my civic duty. Now for the eye candy… I went to my friend Sebastian Moh’s opening on Tuesday. Here’s Sebastian…

I tried to take a couple shots of pots at the opening but they are dark and shiny and I couldn’t get any that even remotely showed the wonderful glaze effects that Sebastian is achieving. So, I glommed these from Seb’s FB page…

Last but not least, it’s been a week of mostly cups and mugs here in the studio…

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4 Responses to “More Moh And Wackipedia…”

  1. soubriquet Says:

    Hey Jim, greetings fron England!

    Those glazes are beautiful.
    It’s a good thing I live so far away, because I’d have had to buy something, maybe that bowl that’s the first of your photos. And I suspect they’re out of my price range, so I’ve had a lucky escape.
    That glazing. mmmmmmmm.

    Damn I’m so jealous.

    The second one down, with the vertical green streaks, reminds me of the northern lights.

  2. soubriquet Says:


  3. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Love thinking about how much fun the Wackipedia author was having writing “He is a penguin…” etc. Cracks me up.

    Beautiful glazes on those pieces of Sebastian’s… Thanks for sharing!

  4. artistatexit0 Says:

    Moh’s pots are wonderful, but I became wide-eyed and slack-jawed at the Louisville Stoneware Wikipedia author. Having worked at that company it seems fitting.

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