And So It Begins…

At the expense of appearing curmudgeonly… oh hell, I’m not just appearing curmudgeonly, it’s full on curmudge now. Let me reiterate if I haven’t said it explicitly enough in the past. I hate the holidays… I hate all holidays and even though of all the holidays, halloween is the probably the least offensive, its commercialization is in hyperdrive and even if it wasn’t it signals the beginning of the holiday season. If I were king of the world, every other year would have no holidays at all… just regular days. You know, like tuesday. In anticipation of the most common reaction to this suggestion is that we would all still get the same days or the same amount of days off work as any other year. Clearly, I’ve spent too much time fantasizing about this utopia of mine. I used to duck as much as possible but there’s this other person in our lives now…

So Friday was dress up like a word day at school and today is a halloween party day at school, followed by pumpkin carving (yeah I know, dragging our feet there), followed by trick or treating. Then wednesday is the bug’s 7th birthday (having trouble getting my head around that) and another party, followed by her birthday request of a friend sleeping over. And then a couple weeks and we’re right in the middle of the thanksgiving shite and the xmas shite. Like, totally, like, gag me with a spoon. January 2nd seems so far away. OK, enough of that. The bug and I went to a reception for Aaron Calvert at the Mount on saturday evening. There was a fire outside the gallery and my clothes still smell like smoke (maybe I should change them?). On another smoke related tangent, when I returned from Iowa my clothes smelled like sandalwood because my friend Ig has incense burning at his house and Sofia kept burying her face in my shirt and sweater saying how much she enjoyed the smell so we stopped the other day and got her some sandalwood incense for her room (so now the fish can ponder the smoke). Anyway, the reception for Aaron was nice and although I was a bit under the weather, I did manage to get some pics of the work. It’s all about ants on Aaron’s pots and I wished I had felt better because I wanted to chat a bit more with him about those ants. In my pre-dementia moment, I was trying to ask him if he had read E.O. Wilson’s book “The Ants” but I couldn’t for the life of me remember his name. Anyway, bring on the ants…

That’s Aaron on the left with the hat. Here’s some platters…

In other news, I’ve been terra-sigging pots starting the long slow decoration process. Here’s what the terra sig looks like in the bucket. I’d like to get that kind of effect in glaze…

Here’s my iron ts with the white over the top and shellac over the top of both…

Adieu, adieu, as I brace for the onslaught.


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9 Responses to “And So It Begins…”

  1. judi tavill Says:

    So much to respond to.
    I’ll go backwards ..the terra sig in the bucket effect would be SENSATIONAL…YOU, get right on that…
    The ANT “bowl” was my favorite.
    I always say “uh…gag me with a pitch fork”(which today sounds apropos) and
    I just spent the morning WRINGING my hands over the nylon spandex green screen suit that my 11 year old decided on WEDNESDAY(when my dad landed in the hospital with a broken rib and punctured lung…just sayin’) that he wanted to wear THAT for HALLOWEEN. AFTER CHASING FEDEX… from Philly to MEMPHIS???? back to NJ… it arrived at 11 am and
    I whisked it over to school…only to have the secretary IGNORE my presence in the office chatting with the maintenance gentleman until I RUDELY interrupted!!! Anyway…it is in the cafeteria waiting patiently for him. THEY HAD BETTER TELL HIM.
    So…I get it. Just remember though… the time with “THE BUG” flies…as you know… so do all of the silly stuff… this TOO shall pass…

  2. meredith@whynot Says:

    Interesting- I too am a holiday —disliker- I hate to use the word hate so let’s just say I strongly dislike holidays and really don’t understand them.
    I want my own holiday and this is what it would be:
    PJ Day- everyone and I mean everyone stays home and does not get dressed all day and you must not go anywhere, you must lie like a slug for hours reading or watching a movie and only lift your hand to eat or drink.
    Now that my friend would be a holiday! Are you in?
    Meanwhile – I like the plate- but I do really hate ants.
    I know I used the hate word.
    But the Bug- 7 how did that happen!?

  3. barbaradonovan Says:

    I rather like the ant pots, but they kind creep me out and give me a little shiver, though why, I’m not sure since I’ve been know to include red ants on my pots.

    So what brought on the holiday hate? The nuns?

    • jim Says:

      hi barbara,
      it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact thing that brought it on… i’m averse to consumerism mostly but let’s just say the nuns didn’t help in any way.

  4. tracey Says:

    I was the holiday in overdrive mom. The Halloween party was always at our house, I cook Thanksgiving for the whole fam damnly, and I really do like Christmas music. This is the first year Wesley has not been with me for Halloween since she was born, and I am ignoring it this year, rightly so, I need a rest! I won’t be doing Thanksgiving either, because I have a big three day show, but I’ll do Christmas. However, I am sick of it all already, every store you go into has Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations all piled on top of each other, what are the retailers trying to do to us!? I had to go to the hardware store today for tin cutters, and there were ghosts, turkeys and santas there all together, argghhhh…. we should have a holiday strike!

  5. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Interesting about the holidays… I’m counting on the thoughtful and brilliant people who are tired of the endless barrage of commercialism and have discovered how wonderful it is to give the gift of handmade pottery! (But is this just more commercialism?)

    • jim Says:

      hi patricia,
      i guess i’d have to say that it’s a matter of degree… we can begin to feel hypocritical when the number of people coming to our house to buy pots for the holidays creates such a traffic jam that others cannot go to the grocery without getting stuck in traffic and the billboards and store windows are smattered with messages insisting that shoppers come to us for all their gifts. can you imagine the school having a “patricia griffin” party or a “jim gottuso” party during school hours where everyone dresses up like potters and exchanges mugs (filled with candy of course) and then on the actual day, schools and businesses close for “pottery day” and we all go to church and pray that our glazes don’t craze or have pinholes? hey, this is starting to sound pretty good… sign me up for this one last consumer-oriented holiday!

  6. newtonpens Says:

    I was one of Aaron’s students at Henderson State when he made much of this work – funny I found it tonight a few years after the post was made – but the ants. Why? He moved to Arkansas from Ohio and the fire ants are everywhere and they really struck him. So he made lots of work with ants. There’s more to it then that, but it’s been about 8 years since I’ve heard him talk about it. πŸ™‚

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