The Queen’s Throne…

It’s always been silly to me that so much of the “literature”, tales, etc. for children is bound up in the rank and file of monarchies, particularly the british monarchy. Of course, there’s not much in terms of a replacement for all that but from nursery rhymes to contemporary children’s books, the king, queen, prince and particularly princess are omnipresent. Who knows how this deep seated nonsense has affected us all over the years since we broke with the english officially in 1776. Regardless, the bug is replete with the terminology. So last week, I was at a friends house and he sent me home with this wicker chair with a large back to it. When I got it home and unloaded it onto the porch, the bug knew immediately what it was… a throne. She assumed the throne and took on a queen’s persona…

Funny though, how at 7 years old, she’s got the monarchy down as she stiffened her posture, raised her nose a bit into the air snootily and proceeded to order mom around by telling her to get her some tea and sweep the floor. Here’s the haughty stare…

It’s been a week of shellacking just like the last week. Here’s various greenware pics…

Here’s a nice shiny burnished terra sig vase (pre-shellac)…

It’s a beautiful 70 degrees and windy and the bug and I are getting ready to walk the pup, she’s downstairs waiting as I type no doubt looking something like this…

We spent a lovely lunch together today, me crosswording and Sofia drawing. She just got some art books from our neighbor and decided to copy this closeup of a Diego Rivera painting…

I shot this pic at the restaurant and the contemptuous uppity look is what I’m gonna get for a while whenever I point the camera in that direction…

One more and we’re done…


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4 Responses to “The Queen’s Throne…”

  1. meredith@whynot Says:

    How do they know this stuff?
    She is quite queenly- and tea- hot or cold and sweet?
    Pots are dynamite!

  2. Natalie Thiele Says:

    Love it! She looks more like Helen Mirren playing the queen to me (a vast improvement). That chair would remind anyone from my era of Huey Newton of the Black Panthers circa 1969, Oakland, CA.
    Hey, better the queen than Huey!

  3. gz Says:

    She has a good eye for drawing, does she not!!

  4. Shelley Whiting Says:

    Wow I love all the designs on the ceramics. They’re very free and playful.

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