When The Leaves Come Fallin’ Down…

This post is gonna be mostly pictures today. I’m hoping to get a bisque firing going tonight or tomorrow and have most of the greenware ready to go…

Moving right along, last weekend was the weekend with the weather we wait all year for. It was sunny, breezy and about 65 degrees. I took my camera when the bug and I took the demon dog for a long 3+ hour walk. First there’s the swinging and then there’s the flying (tarzana)…

Notice the tongue coming out during flight. Then there’s the lying around in the grass with the dog…

Then we found a soccer ball and came upon the holy autumn grail… a big pile of leaves. So, the piece de resistance…


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6 Responses to “When The Leaves Come Fallin’ Down…”

  1. Rob - Simple Circle Studios Says:

    Diggin the new work. I really like where you partially wiped away the slip/sig (pictures 3-6). It gives it a nice old, worn look.

  2. Troy Bungart Says:

    can’t wait to see some more yunomi cups!

  3. ang Says:

    brilliant work as always jim :)) and nice leaf diving shot…

  4. tracey Says:

    Beautiful work, beuatiful child and a funny dog, what could be better?
    The black and white shot really shows how much that girl looks like you!

  5. tracey Says:

    beautiful, sorry typed too fast 🙂

  6. Peter Says:

    Jim, I’ve got the feeling that you’ve written something more profound than Einstein’s E = mc2 in those wonderful gestural marks and squiggles of yours, the brown marks on white background really show them off well. Love the sequence of photos that capture the joy of autumn leaves and childhood.

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