Don’t Grace Slick, I Mean, Don’t Glaze Sick…

See, I can’t even type correctly. It’s not often that I can offer up a truly valuable bit of information relating to clay but this is it… don’t glaze sick. Of course I’m sure this is probably obvious to most potters and sometimes we simply don’t have a choice, but if possible this will be a rule I adhere to adamantly. It seems that coming down the stretch during the holiday break from school, partaking in the holiday rigmarole and seeming like I needed to get all my ducks in a row (basically get a new load fired) for “cybermonday” (who comes up with this stuff anyway?) all combined with my nagging injured shoulder and my first verifiable sickness of the “winter” made for an somewhat excruciating couple of days. So who is this dude, Cy Bermundy? It seems he must be pretty famous because they’re trying to give him his own holiday. Anyway, since I wouldn’t be caught dead (or maybe I would be caught dead or at least injured) in a retail establishment this time of year and I’m mostly trying to sell online, I decided to just go ahead and pepper spray myself while fighting with myself to get at my own pots… and damn, they should outlaw that stuff. Anyway, we all have our little ways of doing things and this applies as much to glazing as to any other part of the process. One of my particular MOs is to select what I think are the nicest bisqued pieces and relegate them to a certain glaze that through trial and error I’ve determined to be the best match for the pieces. So I started my glazing session last week with a cold and an injury and the first act was to put the wrong glaze on the best pieces. After four or five, I realized what I had done and it was too late. I could have washed them off and waited for them to dry but I had already waxed the rims and it was gonna be a mess if I did that, not to mention that my self-imposed deadline would get set back even farther. Well, que sera, sera as the Cubans say. Aside from all that, I did get everything glazed, fired, photographed and I’m posting until everything is in the etsy shop. Here’s some new work that was not glazed incorrectly (clicking first pic goes to etsy, others enlarge)…

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4 Responses to “Don’t Grace Slick, I Mean, Don’t Glaze Sick…”

  1. meredith@whynot Says:

    those are lip smacking good! So tasty and toasty that I cold eat them alive.
    I hate being sick and old and tired when I work.BLAH!
    Hope it all gets better- it has to- but the pots are divine!

  2. Rob - Simple Circle Studios Says:

    Man, that is some absolutely gorgeous stuff. If my wife hadn’t already spent too much money on Christmas I would tell her to forget the rest of it and just get me that middle yunomi. Maybe I will tell her anyway. The kindern don’t really need any more toys, do they?
    and sorry to here about the sickness. That truly does blow.

  3. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Gorgeous. Love all, and find the middle mug really interesting. Hope you feel better. Am dragging a hurt hand to the PT this afternoon… I just know she’s going to tell me to not use it for awhile… :0… Hope your shoulder is better.

  4. Kayla Says:

    Wonderful work! Don’t give up on your beautful pottery because of your shoulder. Had broken the 3rd joint in my thumb and had surgery a couple years ago. Had to make a few minor adjustments…all is good now. Good luck!

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