He Makes Bad Decisions…

Well, as I mentioned before, I’ve got a bum shoulder. Maybe a “frozen” shoulder, although I never even heard of a frozen shoulder until recently. A couple months ago it hurt but not when I was throwing pots and I was thankful for that. I decided to start throwing again this week and apparently that “not hurting while throwing” thing is a thing of the past as it hurts like hell even while throwing. I’m trying not to become depressed about the potential for this to end my ceramics “career”. I’m heading to a “shoulder specialist” next tuesday although I’m not optimistic. The reason I’m not is because I’m never optimistic about any interaction with the health care “industry”. So anyway, the other day Sofia came in while we were waking up and asked me to throw her on the bed. She loves to get thrown. I was aware of my injury but agreed to do it anyway thinking that I would be careful. I picked her up (no problem) and gingerly threw her backward onto the bed. Mom was standing there and when I threw Sofia, she saw me wince just a bit and she started in on me… “why are you doing that?!!!”. I said rather sheepishly, I was being careful. Sofia turned to Mom very seriously and said, “he makes bad decisions”. It’s true I guess. Last week I fell down the last 4 steps on the stairs and without thinking (instinctively) I broke my fall with my bad shoulder. The pain was indescribable as I lie in the foyer writhing with fluid running out of my eyes, nose and mouth. Anyway, I’m sure the doctor will fix everything (much like I’m sure Newt Gingrich will fix our country’s problems). So, lets see, this weekend is the xmas sale at the mount, please come out if you get a hankerin’. There will be food and wine and lots of pots…

I also went to visit my good friend Jeff’s the other day and got to check out what he’s been working on. Here’s a dude that’s strung out on caffeine…

Here’s a woman in a chair sitting on a big hand…

Here’s an older piece (but finished) of a mutual friend of ours…

In other news we put up the tree last night… well at least Sofia enjoyed it…

I spent a lot of time last week taking photos, processing photos and uploading photos and at one point I had over 100 pieces in my etsy shop… that was a first. Here’s some new pieces (clicking the first one will go to etsy, the rest will enlarge)…

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8 Responses to “He Makes Bad Decisions…”

  1. meredith@whynot Says:

    JIm- I have had frozen shoulder and it is a pain.
    But- I went to PT and after a month or so I could use they shoulder again.
    I can now use it with no thought at all but I also continue to use the PT as a warm up and as a better keep the old muscles moving…
    So do go and consider PT over any surgery.
    Great Tree and the pots… dreamy and tasty- but hey is one of those pots giving me the….naw.

  2. barbaradonovan Says:

    Oh goodness Meredith, I see it too. *snicker.

    Agree about PT. Also, this is a long shot, but my husband had the serious frozen shoulder pain. After a couple cortisone shots, Ortho doc wanted to do exploratory surgery….um…no. Went to a neurologist friend who tested, found nothing, but asked him about his sleeping position. He was sleeping with his arm folded up and under his head as he had since a child. Doc said to stop it. He did. Shoulder pain disipated over time. All better now.

    Really like these etched pots esp with the extra color contrast.

  3. Alex Solla Says:

    I will second Meredith’s comment. Find a PT who listens to you, and that you respect. PT can make a world of difference in terms of getting out of pain. The big issue, especially for men, is to assume that there has to be pain for there to be healing. Absolute bs. You deserve to be pain free. It also sounds like your proprioception isnt stellar. Talk to them about this in PT. They can rebuild that so that you dont fall down the stairs or fall off your bike or trip on things…. really amazing!

    The new pots on Etsy are WICKED! Get that shoulder fixed and back to making pots. Nancy and I are faced with making tough choices about the pots of yours that we HAVE to have.

  4. gary rith Says:

    Mmmmm, beautiful pots amigo šŸ™‚ Shoot, the slings and arrows of growing older, DAMN! I am wondering, where is the dog amigo? Shouldn’t Sunglasses be at the Bug’s side? Take care of yerself, gr

  5. Toeful Says:

    That Jeff! I like your pots too. I can see you in the green one in a reflection. I love the inside brown color. Sofia is nice and long-limbed and your tree looks perfect. I wish I knew something wise about your shoulder. Tiger Balm is all I got and I’m stickin’ to it. But I asked my dad and he said for a frozen shoulder you go to an orthopedist who will put you under and put your shoulder through the range of motions. When it comes to surgeons, though, I agree – caveat emptor.

  6. medrecgal Says:

    Sorry to hear about your shoulder afflictions…they’re actually quite common in the records I code, and PT is commonly prescribed. A lot of the time it helps, along with rest and painkillers. Hopefully they won’t throw a wrench into your potmaking; those are some lovely pots in the pics above. #2 and #4 particularly strike my fancy; maybe it’s their simplicity and how it brings out the color.

  7. gz Says:

    That is a luscious green pot!
    Hope your “creaks” mend soon

  8. M@ Says:

    I had a torn rotator cuff about ten years ago. A doctor who worked for me at the time said “whatever you do, don’t let a surgeon anywhere near that thing.” It took a long time to heal, but i’m fine now. I vote for PT. So, judging by the comments here, it looks like this decision has been taken out of your hands.

    Newt? Really? — “He makes bad decisions.”

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