Embrace The Pain…

How’s that for holiday sentiment? Regular readers of this blog may think that I’m referring to the pain of enduring the holidays themselves (and there’s some truth to that anyway) but this time I’m referring to real physical pain. I finally couldn’t tolerate my shoulder problems and went to a “shoulder specialist”. I’m surprised that there are shoulder specialists and am hoping that in the future I don’t develop a need to see a “last joint of the pinkie specialist” or a “profuse earwax specialist” or maybe even a “graying moustache specialist”… oh hell, I already need the last one. Anyway the official diagnosis confirmed my suspicions elaborated in the previous post… frozen shoulder! Wow, to think I never even heard of frozen shoulder until months ago and now I’m lucky enough to experience it first hand. As in all things “medical”, the highbrow terminology for this is adhesive capsulitis and according to the May0 Clin1c’s website, it usually occurs because of a lack of mobility brought on in the aftermath of a stroke or mastectomy. I’m pretty sure that neither of these things happened to me recently but nevertheless, frozen shoulder it is. The bad news is that the treatment in my case is physical therapy which is highbrow terminology for twisting and stretching my shoulder till I almost pass out from the pain to increase mobility. Apparently I am “allowed” to stretch into the painful zone “as much as I can stand”… this is something that I have really been looking forward to 3 times a day. Considering the fact that I stopped cycling because I figured the pain was coming from a tear of some sort and that the cycling might be exacerbating this tear, the good news is that I was wrong and I will be able to cycle again when the weather warms in the spring. Hopefully my mobility will approach normalcy by then. Obviously, the really good news is that I don’t think my fledgling career in ceramics is threatened by this. Moving on, I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. That light being January 2nd… I’m using the shark method. Just keep swimming and eating. The benefit of all this hoopla that I wasn’t considering until today is that the bug is off school for weeks and it will be so nice to have her energy around the house all day. By the way, her energy is off the charts these days as she wakes up bouncing off the walls as though someone injected her with amphetamines first thing. We had the Xmas sale at the Mount last weekend and I’m pleased to report that it was better overall compared to the previous year and we think that it will continue to grow. Here’s a shot of the room…

And there’s activity similar to the xmas sale activity on Etsy as sales are better than last year but not nearly as good as I see on other potter’s blogs. So the trend is in the right direction. Here’s some new pots from the last firing (clicking first image goes to etsy, the others enlarge)…

I finally had a bit of success with that temperamental crawly glaze on these ewer forms…


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7 Responses to “Embrace The Pain…”

  1. fred miller Says:

    My theory of all back pain has always been to stay on it, and hurt it as much as i can stand, and although it scares me sometimes, it has always worked pretty well. This is the first confirmation I’ve seen that this can be a legitimate treatment endorsed by the medical industrial complex, in practically the same words as my home remedy, so that’s pretty cool. Hope it works for you.

  2. Michele Says:

    i am really liking those ewers!

  3. scrumosis Says:

    Maybe you got too much fuzz in that shoulder. Love those pots!

  4. Troy Bungart Says:

    I love the white crackle! and I am looking forward to something in yellow.

  5. Claudia MacPhee Says:

    I had this condition in my early 40’s. You will be happy to know that it is quite common in perimenopausal women…….
    My Doctor was taking an acupuncture class and asked if he could experiment on me. It was free so of course I said “YES”!
    He poked some needles in my leg and I immediately felt a nerve response down my arm. It loosened things up enough that I was able to stretch and extend my arm more and more each day. After suffering for a long time I couldn’t believe how fast it healed up. Just my experience.

  6. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Ouch. So sorry. Been there, done that… multiple times. My particular version of screwed up muscles has been torticollis, “twisted neck in which the head is tipped to one side, while the chin is turned to the other… twisting of the muscles of the neck beyond their normal position.”

    Physical therapy, acupuncture, ice, heat, massage, time…

    Ironically, it’s actually been less common for me the older I’ve gotten. I think it’s because I’ve been able to cut myself some slack and not pressuring myself (as much) at the computer, at the gym, at the wheel, at every single thing I do.

    The ewers are beautiful.

  7. Peter Says:

    Those are great ewers and I love the green severed bowl very much indeed. Hope they all do really well. The exhibition photo does remind me of (most of the) exhibitions that I have taken part in….. you know the sort where it is so stressful pushing through the imaginary crowds to actually get to see any of the remaining shards of pottery that may still be left on the floor after the displays have been pecked clean! agggggggh!

    Sorry to hear of your shoulder problems, such things can be amusing to read about (well, when you write about them anyway!), but are really, really awful to experience. And the dark dread that we can carry around that the latest bodily misfortune may indeed be the thing that kills the pottery production once and for all, is a dark dread indeed.

    Anyway, this is to say that I really admire your work, and have always gained a great deal from visiting your site over the last couple of years. Thank you so much for your efforts and for your portrayal of life. Best Wishes for Christmas, and for the coming Year to you and your family. Peter, Laura & our two felines, Nigella Stopit and Ginger

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