A Beacon In The Night…

Say you’re marooned on a deserted island, or better yet, you wake up in a cave with broken leg only to realize that there’s a survival kit at hand with splints, instructions, food and water. But because you are pathetic, aged, and practically blind you are unable to read the instructions that tell how to administer the splints and inflate the life raft… did I mention the life raft? Well, I’m no longer worried about this possibly tragic end as I got these in the mail the other day…

Actually, my Mom was reading my blog where I was kvetching about the different strength reading glasses I use and that I felt I needed more powerful ones and she sent me a link to get these beauties. They’re 4.0 strength which is higher than I’ve seen in stores and the piece de resistance is dual headlights… and the two pair I got (buy one get one free) are in the haute couture crimson amber hue. Here’s another shot where it’s darker in the room to get the full effect…

Now I can finally work in the dark during an electrical storm. The bug and I took some short videos to discuss possible uses but as video sometimes does, things went off message. First there’s me and then the bug…

Sofia watched this one of herself and is disgusted because she says she doesn’t sound like herself…

OK, onward and upward. I shellacked all week and here’s some pics…

I’m really excited about the last two with the white terra sig over the black terra sig. Of course, I have no idea what will happen in the firing. I believe the white will end up translucent which could be really nice but it could also all but disappear. Last but not least here’s a bottle/vase that is down at KMAC that I hadn’t gotten a pic of before…

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11 Responses to “A Beacon In The Night…”

  1. Meredith Heywood Says:

    I WANT!
    or better yet- I NEED!
    and oh, pretty pretties…

  2. Cindy (DirtKicker Pottery) Says:


  3. Miguel Says:

    I try to convey to my daughters how important it is to use the brightness of a flashliGht when looking for lost ‘anything’ under the couch, under the bed, anywhere, really, in our dim house. I might have to buy them some specs like this to help them in their quest for lost socks or playmobil parts.

    I like the additional space you’re leaving around various motifs on the pots. They sort of remind me of hobo symbols and of course graffiti.

  4. tracey Says:

    I love that more people are picking up their video cameras!!! So fun to see you guys in action! Great bowls!!!!!!!
    Thought about you yesterday, I bought some shellac, not for the same technique but I’m excited!

  5. Michael Giles Says:

    Love the pots. I agree with Miguel — I like the space in the new work. Reminds me of my trumpet idol, Miles Davis, who said (and I paraphrase here…) something like : “The real music is the space in between notes.”

    Interesting, isn’t it? You try something a little bit new (white ter.sig. over black) and the expectations are this or that or this and that and you never really know until the kiln opening. My muse asks me why don’t I test first and I tell her the pot is the test. Good luck with those two last bowls. They’re promising.

  6. Melanie Sherman Says:

    Cool glasses! Have you heard about bi-focal contacts though? I always have the feeling that I see better with contacts than my glasses an, maybe because the correction lenses being so much closer to your eye? The lights would be hard to incorporate though… 😀

  7. Rob, Simple Circle Studios Says:

    Wow, that bowl is wicked cool. Hope the white terra sig works out. And kudos on scoring the specs. The trick now is to keep from losing them.

  8. ang Says:

    hahaha that’s crazy!!! love the vids for sure… and the white over black TS looks great, hope it does what you want in the glaze fire :))

  9. henhousepottery Says:

    What beautiful pots! The carving is so spontaneous but so detailed…

    Those glasses are wonderful. I could really use a pair of them for when I am beading. My eyes aren’t what they used to be when I’m using the smaller bead size.

  10. ron Says:

    Sweet specs man and I dig the videos. Pots are looking nice as always, look forward to seeing them finished.

  11. Michele Says:

    those glasses are very cool.
    nice pots too.

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