3 Years Blogging Anniversary…

Well, it’s three years today that I started this blog… what a long strange trip it’s been. So, what’s with the crutches (what’s the plural of hematoma, hematomae?)…

Well, actually it’s hematomata, and I’ve got a doozie. It seems that just since I’ve started the blog I’ve had all kinds of mishaps and this one is just the last one. There was the time I fell off my bike and hurt my hip. There was the time I walked into the sharp edge of the coffee table and got a hematoma on my shin. The frozen shoulder of course. Plantar fasciitis and GERD, trips to the cardiologist and then there’s the general fading eyesight and memory. One might think that I’m accident prone when really I’m simply aging. Anyway, I’d like to have a dynamic story of how I sprained my ankle like… I was rescuing a child trapped under a car or saving an injured giraffe that had escaped from captivity but the truth is I stepped on the edge of a newly paved asphalt driveway and twisted the ankle. We were walking the dog and as I fell into the mud, I let go of the leash and Sunglasses ran off. Sofia was a bit behind me climbing a tree. As I lie there in agony, I was softly whimpering to the bug to go get the dog. She eventually succeeded and I limped home. The next day it was much worse. So, onto the anniversary. Blogging, as it turns out, has many positives surrounding it not the least of which is the connections to other bloggers and the ceramics diaspora in general (by the way, I’ve been very frustrated lately at my inability to leave comments on others’ blogs… anyone else having these problems?). One very cool thing that doesn’t get talked about that often is, that if you do it long enough, you can see a progression. In my case that would be two progressions. One is the progression of the work over the years and the other is to see my lovely Sofia grow. Here’s a pic of her on my second post ever…

So 462 posts later, here she is now…

Onward… some of my pots are up on the AKAR site. Clicking the first pic goes to AKAR, the rest enlarge…

In other news, my friend Terry and I had a not so epic rematch of our ongoing scrabble tourney. He started out by playing out twice and jumped out to a 200 point lead which I barely made a dent in after the next 3 and a half hours…

He played out 5 times during the game.


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20 Responses to “3 Years Blogging Anniversary…”

  1. Kellijean Press Says:

    I have to say that as a follower it is also great to look back and see your progression – in your pots as well as family. 🙂 Very inspiring in many ways. This is a year for beginnings and ends for me and the perfect time to refresh my website and get a real blog going. Not only am I finally graduating with my BFA (Ceramics FTW!), but we also have plans of starting a family this year! It should be a great way to document some new beginnings!
    Cheers to you for keeping the blog going – even through all the frustrations! I hope you have a swift recovery and cheers to the rest of the year being successful and healthy!

    • jim Says:

      hi kellijean, congrats on the bfa and the imminent family. let me know when you start the blog and i can add it to the blogroll

  2. tracey Says:

    You and my husband should live together, you have similar mishaps and ailments 🙂
    My friend Susan is having trouble posting on my blog too. She gets a message that she needs a google account or she can post as anonymous, when did this start happening with blogger, grrr….

    • jim Says:

      hi tracey, i tried 4 days in a row to post comments to your, meredith, and someone else’s (i had the text saved) blog multiple times each and it simply would not accept it. that was about a week ago

  3. Patricia griffin Says:

    Sorry to see you on the crunches. Ouch. Congrats on AKAR and Year #3!

  4. meredith@whynot Says:

    Hi Jim you are the walking injured.
    Seems as we age, as she looks at a bruise the size of Texas on her leg and has no memory of how and when it got there, we just get a tad more wobbly.
    I have noticed that I no longer glide through a room on nimble feet. i am more like that giraffe that needs to be rescued.
    So what is next for us- pimped out wheel chairs and scooters. Ah what fun that is going to be!
    Your Sofia is gaining beauty by the day and so are your pots!
    I am enjoying mine and plane to drink something good in it after 5 pm- maybe that is my problem….

  5. Troy Bungart Says:

    Well it seems you are running out of funny ways to hurt yourself, so I hope you quit soon! I hope you keep safe and keep making pots. I have had a hard time leaving posts, hope this one gets to you.

  6. Michele Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your witty and sometimes long posts 🙂
    and of course the pots and Sofia are always beautiful.
    Stay well in 2012!

  7. Michael Kline Says:

    Hi Jim.

    Funny, I was just on web MD trying to figure out if I should call my doctor or save a few bucks on my most recent ache/pain. Maybe we share a certain predicament and my numb-sore foot pain is related to what you call “aging”.
    I think one of the best things about blogging is the record we keep. I’ve certainly enjoyed reading yours and watching Sophia grow and your relationship bloom.
    On comments: I have had a few people email me to say that they have had trouble leaving comments on my blog. I have done everything I can to make it easier, but still…Maybe it’s Internet Explorer? Dunno. I have also decided to shut off comments from time to time when the subject matter makes comments irrelevant.

    Be well.

  8. Lori Leaumont Says:

    I’ve had at least one person tell me Blogger wasn’t letting her comment on my blog either. I wonder what is going on?

    Just have to say congratulations on 3 years of blogging! I’ve never commented before, but I just love reading about you, your pots, and the bug. My little one is only 10 months old now, so I’m looking forward to getting her into the mud, and being able to document it on my blog, so I can look back too.

    Love that mint green pot!

  9. ang Says:

    3 years of great stuff jim, i totally enjoy a read on yours and espec love seeing the experimentation with the sig and embossing gear…you are indeed accident prone hope everything feels better soon, I may need some of those glasses you had in the last post 😛 eyesight is struggling for sure…..maybe send blogger the info when you cant post comments they’re prob the only ones that can help…

  10. john bauman Says:

    Three years in internet time is like 10 dog years. It’s almost like an eon. No, not an ion. I said “eon” which is more like an epoch but with less defined starting and ending points. Still, longer than either an age or chron (he said, ending with a period).

    Here’s to three more years, if man is still alive, if woman can survi….

    …wait. That’s that stupid song, isn’t it?

    Here’s to three more years of one of the most entertaining pottery blogs in this or any other age.


  11. Rowanrose Says:

    Congratulations on your milestone! It’s remarkable to look back and see how your work progressed…and how your beautiful kid is growing up. We still have her pot on our living room shelf!

    As funny as it is to see you on crutches, you really need to stop hurting yourself. That whole tortured artist thing is very overrated.

    I love that last pot. Is that a stacked set…or one tall, sectioned pot?

    Keep up the good work- I love reading about it all.

    • jim Says:

      Hi Rowan,
      Thanks for the kind words and Sofia has no idea that her little pots are out there in the world. The last pot has just been severed on the outside with a needle tool and pushed out from inside. I agree, there’s no need to be tortured and the reality is that you get far less done when you’re on crutches.

  12. Zygote Says:

    I’m amazed that it’s been just three years. So much has happened since our first chance meeting on INTO Ceramics. The world around us has changed so much so quickly, it really is a bit bewildering when put in context. It definitely has gotten much, much bigger.
    Bug is getting big Jim…

  13. ron Says:

    Hey Jim, Hope you can lose those crutches soon. Happy 3 year anniversary. It’s crazy isn’t it to keep this up for so long? But rewarding in may ways as a record of our journeys in life and clay. Your’s is one of my favorite blogs even if I don’t comment all the time.
    Pots look amazing as always. Take care and have a great weekend.

  14. jim Says:

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I’m happy to be part of this blogging community of potters.

  15. Peter Gregory Says:

    Goodness, 3 years… already! Congratulations on keeping up such an entertaining and wonderful series of blog posts for all that time. Sorry that you are so frequently bumped and bruised, whilst your witty account of such things can be …um… almost amusing for us… (an unfortunate image of Homer Simpson descending a flight of stairs on his head came unbidden into my mind…), it is no fun at all for you. Lovely to see your work flourishing, and your lovely Sophia too. Kind thoughts, P

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