Dharma Bum…

While I was off to Birmingham and Mom was working, Sofia was staying with my very best friend Keith and in an effort to keep her occupied for 2 days + they made a trip to the zoo. When backs were turned, the bug stole a microbus Ken Kesey style…

We’re going down to Yasgur’s farm, gonna join in a rock and roll band…

Well this post is essentially about the Birmingham Art Museum but before I left for Alabama, the bug and I took a little trip to the Speed Museum here in Louisville. There was a painting show with some impressionist paintings but honestly I just wanted to see the two Chagalls on display. They had some local old pots that I had never seen out down there before and thought some people might like to see…

They also had a Noguchi that I hadn’t seen before and here’s the bug in front of Isamu’s piece…

And with one of my other favorite sculptors, Constantin…

So, on to Birmingham. There was a Vietnamese pot show at the Birmingham Art Museum and Sebastian and I went over during lunch on Saturday. I have to say that I was completely blown away by this museum. I haven’t seen a Jade collection that large since I went to the Freer in DC. But I digress. I intend to post some other non-Vietnamese pics soon but the following are strictly from that particular show…

I also created an photo album on Facebook to show all the pics I took and it’s here if you get a hankerin’.


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4 Responses to “Dharma Bum…”

  1. Lori Leaumont Says:

    Thanks for sharing all these great photos! The bug has great taste in auto theft;)

    Hope you don’t mind, I featured you in a blog post. A little thank you for doing what you do.

  2. medrecgal Says:

    Though I always like the “people pictures” the best, it’s interesting to see the wide variety of pots and such that you post about too. (I particularly like the blue and white bowl in this post.) It’s a nice way to at least keep in touch, albeit indirectly. Sometimes it even gives me a desire to take a trip somewhere to actually see some of this stuff in person, but I much prefer bus trips and cruising (as compared to driving) and that kind of travel doesn’t usually stop at spots where I’d see these kinds of things. About the only time that happens is if there’s free time where Dad and I can go to museums.

  3. ron Says:

    Sofia has the right shorts for the VW bus. Great to see those pots. I love the Kentucky ones and of course the Vietnamese ones aren’t too shabby either.

  4. Nodrim Says:

    You makke a great vampire, Bela. I really like the bowl with the four-legged mammal in it. Maybe it’s walking on water.

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