Marshy Madness…

Well, I know everyone’s going on about the weather and I’m not gonna say anything except this was about a week or so ago…

And two days ago it was 82 and I went for my first ride of the season on the ol’ bicycle. I “zeroed out” my speedometer/odometer and accidentally changed the tire size that one enters in so that as I got out on the road going, say 15 mph, the speedometer was registering about 26 mph. If it wasn’t so far off it would have been a tremendous ego boost. I rode about 22 miles and the odometer said I had gone about 38 miles. This brings up the ankle. My sprained ankle will be 7 weeks this Sunday and on the day of the ride I decided it was about 90% healed. In retrospect I maybe should have turned around at about 7 or 8 miles but it felt ok as I was going away from my home. Upon arriving home I knew I was gonna be extremely sore the next day and that was true, I was. I finished my mad rush to get a kiln load through and get my mint julep cups off to the mint julep show that will be at the Mount. I drove out there to look at all the pieces are there are some really nice ones by some well-known potters and some really nice ones from some not-so-well-known potters. Steven let me take a preview picture of some of the cups gathered in the gallery in anticipation of the show being hung…

The next time I make it out there, I’ll take some closeups of some of my faves and post them here and on FB. The reception will be a closing reception instead of an opening and will coincide with imminent Kentucky Derby. It should be a fun closing. Regular readers may remember this post about when Sofia and I visited my friend Ray’s house and saw all his new chickens. Well, I went over to Ray’s the other night to drink some beer and the chickens have grown, are laying eggs and the roosters are crowing. The alpha male rooster (Ray died his head feathers blue) is a testosterone flooded individual and I was warned that he may attack me. I asked about this and Ray suggested that the macho dude would flutter up and attack my leg with its feet. In my mind I thought… so what? the bird jumps up and bounces off my leg with his feet. Well I have to say that I was shocked when, as I wandered toward the house for another beer, the little devil attacked me and it really hurt. No injury or anything but their little extender muscles are much stronger than ours. The damn thing didn’t bounce off my leg at all, it landed 5 or 6 rapid fire blows like a karate expert and felt like what I imagine a half-speed rubber bullet feels like. I shooed it away thinking that that would be the end of it but as I turned my back to continue into the house, the little bastard attacked me two more times. In other news, I have been posting new work to my etsy shop and will continue to do so over the next week or so. Here’s three views of my favorite from the kiln load…

And of course, while working in photoshop all day, I couldn’t help myself and put together this collection of closeups that shows me where all my hours in the studio go…

I’m happy to have had some activity already and here’s a couple that are already gone…

Here’s a little vase that’s in the shop…

Over and out.

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7 Responses to “Marshy Madness…”

  1. tracey Says:

    Lovely work as always! Ugh, that snow! 80 degrees here today, thank goodness. Yeah, those roosters. Our neighbor has an attacking one that I feed and water when they are gone, I don’t call him a rooster though, he is cock s*%#@* to me 🙂 I have to take a rake in the pen with me to whack him away!

  2. Judy Shreve Says:

    That bowl is gorgeous! Love your new work. Yeah – we are in the 80’s in GA – everything is blooming. This was definitely the winter that wasn’t. I don’t think we had more than a couple of freezes – no snow, so the bugs this summer will be big enough to carry off your small children and pets . . . .

  3. Rob, Simple Circle Studios Says:

    A: That rooster sounds like a good stew pot candidate. It was nice of your friend to dye him blue for easy identification though, in case you couldn’t tell the one trying to kill your leg was the mean one.
    2: Those pots are freaking great! Is that terra sig?

    • jim Says:

      hi rob,
      yeah, they’re actually trying to get rid of that rooster… he’s a menace to the other chickens as well. glad you like the pots. it is terra sig… first a base coat (or two), then shellac, then shellac, then shellac, then more terra sig.

  4. Charles Hughes (@HughesPottery) Says:

    These pieces are looking fantastic!

  5. artistatexit0 Says:

    Really like the colors you have working on the latest series of pots.

  6. John Shirley Says:

    Hi Jim. Always great to see your work and these new pieces are really great. I particularly love the bold decoration on the bowl.

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