In Like A Lamb, Out Like A Lamb…

March is over as of tomorrow and I don’t know about you but we kinda skipped spring here and went right into summer. 80s yesterday and got another 30 mile ride in on the ol’ cycle. Lots of stuff going on and having a hard time getting to the blog if you know what I mean. Sofia’s smack dab in the middle of jump-roping mania…

First it’s jumping with two feet, then right foot only, left foot only, both feet eyes closed, right foot eyes closed, left foot eyes closed, running in place… on and on and on. Here’s an action shot in mid-jump…

Last week I managed to get up to IUS art department where Mark Cole was giving a workshop…

Mark works with wax while glazing and achieves some very nice effects…

I really enjoyed the event (I was only there on the second of two days) as Mark has a wonderful sense of humor. His presentation was light hearted and refreshingly humorous. In other news, it was my birthday last week and I’m now 54 crowding the age my Dad was when he died. Club 54 met for beers and I received some birthday swag. Here’s a sculpture my friend Al gave me…

One may remember from previous posts that Al is the guy who makes sculptures from the flotsam and jetsam that washes up on the shore of the Falls of the Ohio and he has a very interesting blog here. Sofia and I went down to the falls last weekend when the weather was amazingly warm. The river was very high and we explored the giant piles of driftwood and garbage that people throw in the river. Sofia didn’t see it but there was a big, dead, bloated goat that washed up on the shore. I kinda guided her around it. I also received this wall piece from my other friend Jeff…

Believe it or not, Jeff’s a guitar guy and that guitar pictured on the plaque is a Martin. I’ve gotten most everything from the last firing up on Etsy. Here’s some new pieces (first click goes to Etsy, others enlarge)…

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4 Responses to “In Like A Lamb, Out Like A Lamb…”

  1. springvillelavendergardens Says:

    An RV space looks good to me, which for a much needed getaway. The first one great with the deeply etched surface. Sofia is getting big, her jump roping reminds me of my double dutch days. I thought I’d achieve everything when I conquered that feat.

  2. artistatexit0 Says:

    Hi James…today I finished the story behind my gift to you and is my latest blog entry.

  3. jojoaruba Says:

    Great decoration on those pots!

  4. ang Says:

    wow another birthday? are you sure you only have one a year they seem to be coming around fast!! love ya new work :))

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