A Fool In April…

Well, there’s been a lot going on. I guess it’s because it’s April. First off, I’m in this book…

I’m amongst some very esteemed company in this publication. It’s a reformatting of the article I wrote for Pottery Making Illustrated. OK, and taxes are done… hated that. Taxes on the cars too. The bug…

was on spring break last week. It was very nice having her at home all week. She’s been very active. I mentioned the jump roping last post and now she has a pogo stick and we’ve been shooting baskets… of course whenever I shoot, I wince in pain from my frozen shoulder. The bug also went horse back riding last week for the first time and her granddad has been teaching her how to swing a tennis racket. Here’s one of her latest drawings that I thought was pretty funny…

I’ve been working like a madman and am probably a week or so away from the beginning of the deco stage…

I scored four 8×4 foot sheets of styrofoam for packing this morning…

I had to cut it up to get it into the car but I was glad to find it. The weather’s been dreamy and the garden looks about as nice as it looks all year. The hydrangeas I put in a couple years ago are kicking some vegetation ass…

We’re gonna get a bumper crop of peonies too…

An old friend I used to work with called me last week and said he was moving and had a potter’s wheel that he wanted to get rid of and would I like it. I thought, sure would. I asked what kind and he said it was electric and I asked what “brand” and he said he didn’t know but that his wife got if from a school (I think). Anyway, he had said something on the phone that led me to believe that he just didn’t have the name of the company that made it because it was packed away and not handy during the call. Anyway, the bug and I drove out to get a peek this weekend and I wish I had taken my camera. It was very similar to this…

Not a piece of plastic on the thing and no pedal, just a toggle switch. We plugged it in and it blew a fuse in my friend’s house and the wheel head was locked too. Of course for all I know it may have been that the drive was a direct gear drive with no play in it. The housing was pretty corroded and I just couldn’t bring myself to take it. The younger me would have taken it home and meant to fix it and then had it set around for 30 years but I don’t have the desire or time for another “project”. I did appreciate him thinking of me and it wasn’t a total loss since he gave Sofia the pogo stick I mentioned above. In other news, I’ve also bitten the bullet about my plantar fasciitis which is going on 3 years +. I really had given up on it but my friend was at his chiropractor’s office and saw a brochure about their treatment for PF. His dad had it pretty bad so he gave him the brochure and he decided to go and lo and behold, it worked. Now, I’m not getting my hopes up because I’ve come to realize that I have a particularly nasty case. So this dude uses some kind of “deep tissue massage” which entails using this plastic spring-loaded device to strike the offending fascia. I guess the theory behind this is that the chronic PF cases cause the fascia to adhere to the bone instead of slide and this little springy trip hammer hits it over and over to loosen it. Regardless, it is painful. I’m still not optimistic but after two visits, I’m starting to think that there is at least a chance that it will work. I have to say that I would consider this a new lease on life as I’ve been hobbling around for 3 years already. I would love to go for a run sometime. Last but not least, here’s a composite view of recent yunomis…

Well that’s it for now.

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7 Responses to “A Fool In April…”

  1. Meredith Heywood Says:

    that is some butt going on there!
    Congrats on the book and all that you have going on.
    And I would have left that wheel to someone younger as well.
    Leave that stuff to the next generation to mess with.Happy Spring.

  2. Rowanrose Says:

    Wow- I don’t know what I’m more jealous of- your peonies or those gorgeous yunomis! I absolutely adore that chocolate/yellow effect- beautiful work Jim.

  3. ang Says:

    im feelin ya pain jim, the physio did deep tissue massage and dry needling to stimulate the area of damage in my elbow it worked but it was very painful and i still have to do exercises for it..

    hope it all goes well love ya new cups, squiggly squiggles!!

  4. Rob, Simple Circle Studios Says:

    That is a pretty impressive drawing, what with the foreshortening on the feet and all. And the yunomis are kick ass, as usual. Hope the PF therapy goes well.

  5. Troy Bungart Says:

    Nice butt, but I am really digging the perspective on the feet!!! Center row, left and right, just spectacular.

  6. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Am so impressed with the drawing… and with your new pots… and, I hope, with the new PF therapy. Hoping to hear that it’s working!

  7. M@ Says:

    Plantar fasciitis SUCKS. I recently got insoles for my shoes after suffering for a year and — I’l be dipped in dog doo; “mine furer, I can valk!” When my podiatrist resigned himself to the fact that I am too cheap to spend $500 on his orthotics, he sent me to the sporting goods store where they measured my arch and got me some $40 inserts. I’m a new man.

    And — Nice butt.

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