Before I get on with my blogging public service announcement I wanted to mention that I’m glad to have been added to the artaxis website…

Clicking on the picture will take you to the site. In other news, the Mint Julep Show reception was a hit… at least until the thunderstorm swept in on southern Indiana. There was rain and hail and some pretty strong winds. Sofia was hiding under one of the tables during part of the storm and jetting out periodically to gather little handfuls of hail so she could snack on them. OK, so although there are many potter bloggers and many of those bloggers are also on farcebook, the one for twits and any number of other social networking sites, I happen to know that there are still some few holdouts especially when it comes to the omnipresent farcebook. I’ve talked to people and read blogs where people have discussed signing up for farcebook but still have misgivings. I see the value in farcebook but would like to float the idea that these recalcitrant non-farcebookians’ reluctance is well founded. Case in point… what many consider the # 1 invasive species in the US. But first let’s examine the technological miracle that many refer to as the interweb. I’m not going to quibble over whether it was started by the physicists at CERN laboratories or whether it was Al G0re. Regardless, it is an unbelievable undertaking that has changed the face of the earth. That being said, what are using this wonder of technology for? I mean, how are we leverage all this technology at our disposal? In a word… cats. Here’s just some of the pictures posted in my farcebook news feed over that past week or so…

Now I’ll admit to being more of a dog person than a cat person and I understand humans’ fascination with cute baby mammals. I also understand the endless entertainment value of said mammals anthropomorphized and doing such human activities as playing musical instruments, driving motor vehicles and hell, even praying (to a cat god no doubt) but what I’m somewhat alarmed by is the fact that farcebook and the like have no instrument to figure a saturation point. Do I really need to see 100+ cat pictures per week? This doesn’t even count dog pics, elephant pics, lion, tiger, hippo, dolphin, whale, rabbit, penguin, crazy little rainforest mammals with really large eyes for the size of their heads. If we removed these pics, youtube videos, quotes from Einstein, Ghandhi and Deepak Chopra and the back and forth about the insane clown posse running for the presidency… what would be left? Not much I’m afraid. Oh sure, these things helped bring about the “arab spring” but that’s different because their cats probably were disregarded right after the riot squads showed up. Besides, what would take the sobriety of movement away faster than pictures of cats on the telephone? So, for all you people who haven’t yet taken the leap and signed up for farcebook… you now know what you’re missing. Happy surfing!


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8 Responses to “PSA…”

  1. kaiservenus Says:

    Cool, I own that bowl. In fact, I “invented” the internet in library school. Sheesh. Never no respect.

  2. tracey Says:

    I seriously don’t know how people have the time to do facebook, twitter and blog. Their heads must be buried in their computers or iphones all the time. My blog takes up more time than I like, if I added facebook and twitter, nothing would get done around here! Not a fan, as you know!!! I keep trying, I go to facebook pages, but they bore me to death…..

  3. Meredith Says:

    Jim- have you noticed how all those old jokes and many cat-dog pictures that you use to get in your email box are now posted not once not twice but many times over.
    Then so sad and hard to believe I look at them.
    My new game is to not make eye contact with or read this stuff.
    I am begining to believe FB has gone to the dogs or cats….

  4. Tom Puckett Says:

    As I was discussing with my father just last night… the next great leap will be in filtration.

  5. Connie Says:

    Hey congrats on ArtAxis! I’m happy for you. Hve looked in to AssessCeramics? It’s like ArtAxis, but a different one. If you’re in one you should be in two?!

    And we must be freinds with the same people!. I’ve seen all those cats too!!!!! I had no idea I looked at so many Kool Kats. What about the dogs now! ha

  6. Michael Kline (@Klineola) Says:

    Oh, good! At first glance at your title I thought you were going to discuss your annual prostate checkup!

    I agree with you about the predominance of trivial silliness being shared on any number of the social networks, but I wouldn’t shoot the messenger (facebook, pinterest, etc), but instead, I would lament the sad state of the culture (the message).

    I do think that these apps have to continue to refine the user experience and i really like your suggestion of filtering this content, say, to give the user the option to filter the content more precisely.
    After all, maybe i just want to see the most artistic of cat pics, or maybe only info-graphics that include those cute furry pussies.

  7. ang Says:

    hey jim happy cats and dog day to you…i also love the sarcastic in ya face pics and a bit of pot porn .. :))

  8. Judy Shreve Says:

    Congratulations on ArtAxis – very cool!
    I say – make the computer and all it’s opportunities work for you — think of all that free dog & cat labor!

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