Cursive Pancakes…

Occasionally two close friends of mine reminisce about a game they used to play in the car on their way back and forth to college in Murray from Louisville. There’s no structure to the game, just that they would see who could come up with two words in the english language that had most likely never been uttered (or obviously been in print) together. The one that is inevitably mentioned during these recollections is “spaghetti wrench”. Well, quite a while back Sofia expressed a notion of a pancake not tethered to tradition by its shape and that led me to start making bear pancakes. This would simply be a regular circle pancake with two tiny circles where the ears should be on a bear. She was quite satisfied for a time but this led to putting two dolloped eyes and a dribbled mouth and then flipping it one more time to sear them in place. After a bit, this had to be topped and we moved on to letters. Of course drizzling pancake batter with a spoon lacks the precision of a fine point pen which kept me on capital letters like “O” and “Q” and “L” and then this wasn’t cutting it either. So, the suggestion of making cursive letters (the bug has been interested in cursive writing although they don’t teach it in school anymore). Would that I had and nice batter syringe to write “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” in the frying pan. Of course, if I did, how could I top that? Here’s this morning’s (“P”)ancake…

And we all know why “P” is such a compelling letter… because poop and pee amongst others start with a p. Anyway, “cursive pancakes” did come up in conversation naturally but it had me thinking about this spaghetti wrench thing. Spring has been incredibly temperate this year and everything seems to be out a month or more early. The mulberries have been ripe for two weeks at least which has usually happened about mid to late June as I have mentioned in previous berry posts like this one and this one. I’ve been very busy terra sigging for the past couple weeks. Burnish, burnish burnish…

Have been having quite a time getting back to cycling. I’ve decided that I’m definitely a fair weather cyclist… which means I prefer the temperature to be above 90. Had to do car repairs on both vehicles last week… not happy about unexpected expenses. Not much else to say except that Mom has renovated the only closet in our house which prompted me to move another pair of previously unused old fashioned big giant speakers into my studio giving me that surround sound everyone’s so crazy about (or used to be anyway). I’ll leave you with the pogo master herself…


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6 Responses to “Cursive Pancakes…”

  1. Cadry Says:

    I can’t believe that cursive isn’t being taught in schools anymore! This is the first I’ve heard about it, but then with a google search I see that it’s pretty widespread. In a hundred years when people read our old letters they’ll wonder, “What were they saying with that loopy writing?” It’s kind of sad, really. There are few things sweeter than a handwritten letter.

    Beautiful work as always!

  2. meredith@whynot Says:

    I want cursive pancakes or could you do math equations as well?
    I want mine to say good morning sunshine last night was….wonderful.
    What time will they be ready?
    Love the burnished vase- oh the possibilities.

  3. soubriquet Says:

    if you had multiple pancakes they could be recursive!

  4. springvillelavendergardens Says:

    They don’t teach cursive any more? What is this world coming to? this is the first i’ve heard of this too, all those hand written letters to friends, love letters and such will soon be auctioned off and sold on antiques roadshow for hundreds of dollars. they are written by ‘hand’ instead of by a typewriter, what’s that, a typewriter, no they are now texted on a phone. thank goodness pottery is still made by hand.

  5. soubriquet Says:

    That terra sig looks just like chocolate. mmmmm.
    Nice shapes, and oh lordy that terra sig looks so good, so tactile.

  6. Lisa Ingram Says:

    I just found your page, you are amazing! I am linking to you in my blog as an example of what I aspire towards. I am very inspired by your talent and work.

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