Cat Scratch Fever…

Just a short post (hopefully) today. I wanted to start with a picture of Mr. Steven Cheek‘s pieces that are in the Dinnerworks show that I didn’t have access to when I did the last post…

Beautiful pots with many many hours of carving. Here’s a video that I had to post. You may remember I did a post recently about the proliferation of cat pictures on FB here. And while I still marvel at this phenomenon regarding our #1 invasive species, this video may help to explain a disease that is spreading across our nation…

Now I’m not so much of a luddite that it hadn’t occurred to me that this might be a joke and if it is, then I believe it’s very funny in a very creepy kind of way, not to mention that the girl should receive an academy award for the performance. But, it seems real to me and for some strange reason it is not difficult for me to believe. In that case, it isn’t funny as much as a bellwether for the downfall of western civilization. Of course she could simply have a bad case of Toxoplasma Gondii which has been revealed in many studies and was on this episode of radiolab. OK, enough of that. Etsy managed to do an upgrade that I really thought enhanced the site. It’s a new “about” page with a scrolling “slide show”. I’ve updated mine here…

Check it out if you get a hankerin’. I decided to grow a beard for the umpteenth time and although I managed to get past the extremely itchy phase, it seems as though that will just result in the ongoing just very itchy phase so off it comes. Plus I was starting to look even more Kentuckian when I smiled my semi-toothless smile. Here’s a shot before shaving and with my power specs with flashlights…

Last but not least, here’s the bug’s latest. Her very own fairy puzzle…



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5 Responses to “Cat Scratch Fever…”

  1. Meredith Heywood Says:

    omg!! really- was that a real video?? I couldn’t quit laughing, is that wrong of me?
    I just love pots and want to hold then all and put them in baskets and…….
    The dinnerware is some kind of fab, makes me teary just looking at it.
    The bug!

  2. ersatzsoubriquet Says:

    Cull that woman immediately! Unleash the hounds of hell!

  3. soubriquet Says:

    Dang. That comment links to the wordspace blog I never populated, when I thought blogger was broken.

    Hi Jim! You’ve been awfully quiet recently, good to see you.

  4. Rob, Simple Circle Studios Says:

    hilarious. For the sake of the world at large I hope that video was a goof, but I fear it may not have been. You want to put cats on rainbows…really?!
    And I did not know about the Etsy upgrade. I guess I will have to get on there and do something with it. More computer work = suck.

  5. kevin lippy Says:

    that video is insane. It can’t be real. It just can’t. she can not be that flipped out. very, very funny either way.

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