During The Heat Wave…

Well, my 3rd bisque is cooling and I started glazing yesterday for the show I’m having up in Michigan in September. The people putting on the show will be coming through Louisville August 22nd to pick up my pots… how great is that? No shipping. So I’m hoping to do 3 glaze firings, take pics, pick out the ones for the show, price list, etc. in the next 17 days, no problem right? Despite the harried pace, other things are still going on, not the least of which is the bug’s summer vacation is winding down. It will be no fun when she goes back to school as the house will seem deserted again. So, I got in this show. We also attended a show at the Mount last weekend exhibiting the work of Sandy Miller who combines weaving with some of her pots. Here’s a couple shots from the opening…

Sandy also has a blog here with plenty of pots, plants and cooking going on. I don’t have any finished pieces yet so here’s some of my greenware vases…

I also managed to get a couple quick shots of my friend Jeff’s pieces in his basement studio…

I wish I had had more time to set the pieces up a bit but I was in a hurry. In other news, I shaved. As most men know (and some women too), one of the best things about beards is incrementally shaving them off to see the different looks one might adopt. It really never gets old. Unfortunately for me, I hate growing one so much (because of the constant tickling and itching) that I don’t get to do the incremental shaving ritual. So anyway, to Mom’s horror I shaved all but my mustache and acted as though I was gonna leave it that way. Anyway, before I get to the picture of that last remnant, I’d like to discuss Godwin’s Law. It states: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Naz1s or H1tler approaches”. If you’ve been online in the past 3 years, you’ve no doubt witnessed proof of Godwin’s Law hundreds if not thousands of times. A variation of Godwin’s Law known as Godwin’s Hirsute Phenomenon states: “As the incremental shaving of a full beard to no facial hair whatsoever proceeds, the infamous H1tler mustache will inevitably be either the penultimate stage or the final stage.” So without further ado and with the appropriate disclaimers… one, it’s a joke so let’s leave the anti-defamation folks out of it and two, I should’ve taken my glasses off first.

Finally some more greenware…



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7 Responses to “During The Heat Wave…”

  1. meredith Says:

    Eva says wedge your own clay!
    A show that picks up and no shipping. That is going to set the bar higher for all shows- come and get it!
    Love those pots now they can only get better.
    Mark has always had a beard and it helps hold his face together. He shaved once and our daughter would not go near this man who sounded like her father but did not look like him. The teaches at school would not give her to him and we had people think I had remarried……he needs that hair on his face!
    Good to read you, write more.

  2. ang Says:

    ha!!! glad to see the madness is still there…you could just leave a slither above your top lip like a caterpillar with anorexia šŸ˜› anyhow pots looking great and hope you have an awesome show!!!

  3. amy h Says:

    I like the herringbone pattern you have going on with a couple of those pieces! Also, since this is the first time I’ve commented, I have to tell you how much I enjoy your blog — it’s one of my ceramics-blog favorites.

  4. Alex Solla Says:

    I am amazed that despite this intense heat and humidity you still have such a great sense of humor. Thanks for making me smile. Nice looking pots!!

  5. Rob, Simple Circle Studios Says:

    Yes, beards can indeed be fun, but only if your frau will let you grow one! My wife insists that I do not have the ability to grow a beard and thus refuses to let me try. Or rather, she refuses to kiss me, take me out in public, etc if I DO try.

  6. Nadia Says:

    Thanks for cheering me up. In addition to everything else, I love your wall of drawings.

  7. Kesha Bruce Says:

    Hello there Jim! I just clicked over from Alyson’s ArtBoz Blog & discovered your work. What an absolute pleasure! Thanks for sharing Sandy’s work and a link to her site.


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