Nina And Pinta, My Ass…

Regular readers of my blog have probably come to think that I am an accident-prone person and with good reason. It’s funny to me that considering the number of sprains, bike accidents, hematomata, etc. that have occurred just since I started the blog that, for some reason, I never think of myself as accident-prone. Hmm, maybe that’s why it keeps happening. Well, this week I went out cycling a few times and one time my good friend Andy went with me on my regular route. My regular route happens to meander through the downtown waterfront park here in Louisville. And as one exits this park, one approaches a swooping bricked slope that terminates at the Ohio River’s edge. Normally, as I approach this slope I shift to a higher gear and get some speed up (about 24 mph) to carry me up the incline that immediately follows the downward slope. So this time, as I approached with Andy directly behind me, I see this…

I went back with Sofia the next day so when we were riding what I saw was just the boats… with the names Nina and Pinta painted on the stern. Now, combine the sight of the Nina and Pinta with the fact that the Santa Maria was absent and my poor eyesight and the fact that the barricades in the picture were not positioned yet (apparently, they had just docked), my normal curiosity, etc. and we have a recipe for… what? Well, even though they hadn’t put up the barricades with ropes and such, they had positioned a stationary object off to the left by the pylons that hold up that restaurant. Tied across there was that plastic yellow “caution” tape that police, EMS, firemen, and road workers use. Of course the tape is only about 2 inches wide and the wind was blowing and it was kinda folding, thus reducing it’s size which is all to say that since I was gawking at the boats and then there’s my vision… I didn’t see the tape at all. As I picked up speed swooping down near the ships and heading toward the taped barricade, I heard Andy shout… “dude, what are you doin’?”. I glanced back at him pointing in front of me, then turned back to see the tape. I was going about 20 mph and I was within 10 feet when I realized what was going on. I hit the tape right across my chest and my immediate thought was… come on tape, SNAP LOOSE. Just like in the cartoons, the tape stretched and stretched slowing me slightly until right before it sent me to the ground, it finally broke. Here’s my left bicep area where the tape got me…

In retrospect, the realization of what could have happened has sunk in. If the tape was a mere 6 inches higher where I hit, it would have clotheslined me at the neck which certainly would have taken me and the bike to the bricks and might even have broken my neck, who knows? So the bug and I went back the next day and they had put up more substantial barricades and were charging to go aboard. Here’s some more shots of the nefarious ships…

Upon further inspection coupled with the events of the previous day, I started thinking that these were not really the notorious Nina and Pinta we were all told about when we were being indoctrinated in grade school and that they were in fact some sort of pirate ships. The first clue was the jolly roger that I remember flying the day of my bike incident (which was suspiciously absent when the pictures were taken), the accident itself (which could be see as the landlubber’s equivalent of walking the plank) and this…

Now, correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty certain that these boats did not come with bass boats with outboard motors attached. Imagine how quickly the disappearance of the natives would have happened if those explorers had the internal combustion engine. And what about the painting of the name… not very authentic if you ask me. It seems that the Spanish monarchy could have done better… maybe some gold leaf? By the way, there was a sign asking for people that might want to sign up to be part of the crew… pirating or potting? I guess I’m simply to old to start pirating so I’ll stick with the pots. Here’s a couple more that will be in my show…

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4 Responses to “Nina And Pinta, My Ass…”

  1. Troy Bungart Says:

    You make my day better, sorry!

  2. Judi Sapero Tavill Says:

    love the pots…. you are one CRAZEEEE guy.

  3. ronpots2 Says:

    Glad you didn’t get clotheslined! Pretty weak effort on their part w. those barriers.

  4. meredith@whynot Says:

    careful there Dad- you need to hang around.
    Well not hang like it by your neck- but be here.
    Nice pots- get new glasses!

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