Roof, Roof! Woof, Woof! Gok, Gok! I’ve Got Shingles…

When I was visiting my friend Ig in Des Moines, we had a familiar conversation that David Sedar1s covered in his book once. He said that every time he talks with someone that knows another language he likes to ask what is written as the sound a rooster makes in the morning. The hilarity is that people of other languages don’t think that a rooster sounds even remotely like “cockadoodledoo” and their rooster sound seems equally absurd to us. Anyway, Ig and I were talking about dog barks in other languages and I found a chart online to give other languages’ version of our “roof, roof” or “woof, woof” or even “arf, arf”. The slightly disappointing thing about the chart was that the difference between dog barks and cat mews wasn’t all that different but Ig grew up in Indonesia and when I asked him what the Indonesians would write for “woof woof”, bingo… “gok, gok”. Cracks me up, I wish all the dogs in my kennel of a neighborhood were making gok gok noises instead of the incredibly irritating American bark noises. Gok, gok just seems so much more subdued. Before moving on, here’s a pic of the dinner party we had at Ig’s the night before I left. Great food, great people and great conversation. Of course this is what happens when the photographer takes just a second too long to click the “shutter”…

Lots going on here at home not the least of which is that the bug finally got her own wheel…

So serious. Here’s a couple more shots…

A family that throws together… glazes together.

I thought I was a perfectionist, trying to teach Sofia how to throw revealed how much she’s got that particular personality trait…

So, moving on… what does the potter do after coming to the end of a long deadline. Roof, roof! We’ve been having problems with leaking in the ceiling of our living room for quite some time and like all roof leaks, they get progressively worse as time passes. “When it’s a’rainin’ it’s too wet to fix it and when it’s dry it’s just as good as any man’s roof”. As much as I love this quote and think that they are words to live by, there comes a time when things just have to be addressed. So fixing the roof and being a full time potter present one of the true dilemmas of my life. I don’t generate enough income to have someone fix the roof and expending that kind of money on the house is a good way to make me have to quit ceramics and get a job that pays minimum wage or greater. Of course, fixing the house by myself which is much more economical takes an inordinate amount of time which is time away from making pots. Catch 22 if you ask me. But I checked the weather radar and figured I had a week of temperate weather without rain and decided to go ahead. I have regrets already but maybe after it’s done they will dissipate. So I was very curious to see what was under all those shingle causing us so much grief. I figured a hole maybe a foot square or some small section of rotting wood. Here’s what I found…

What say we get a closer look at my small section of rotting wood…

This small hole of rotten wood was 9 feet by 4 feet with one of the rafters completely rotted so that I could crumble it with a squeeze of my bare hand. The hole presented a major problem in my race against the imminent rain that is on its way as I type this. I got 3 tarps up there last night and the wind picked up about midnight last night when I heard this crashing noise. This morning I found this on the sidewalk by the street in front of my house…

I guess it wasn’t as heavy as I thought. If I can get through today’s storm without inundating the entire house I’ll be home free. The whole thing begs a much larger question though… what kind of dumb ass decides to re-roof his house at age 54? There was 3 layers of shingles that need to be removed and a tin roof underneath them. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have never been this sore in this many places all at once in my entire life. I’m tired, sore, scraped, cut, hammered and feel like my ankles were tied together and I was dragged behind a pickup truck for miles. The human body is an amazing thing. OK, on to other things. The Louisville Clay 10 Anniversary show is having its reception this week…

And here’s a couple new pieces on Etsy…

Speaking of Etsy, I was very disappointed this week to find that they removed the “Ceramics and Pottery” category from the home page’s search. One can still find the category but it was difficult to find and I believe this will inhibit traffic to potter’s stores significantly.


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6 Responses to “Roof, Roof! Woof, Woof! Gok, Gok! I’ve Got Shingles…”

  1. Cindy Gilliland (DirtKicker Pottery) Says:

    Very cool that you’re teaching Sofia to throw.
    The Etsy thing is a bummer. Several of us clay artists are writing to Etsy and requesting that they bring “Ceramics and Pottery” back to the Front Page.

  2. ronpots2 Says:

    Jim, that face you are making is crazy dude!! So cool that Sofia got her own wheel. Look out she may be your stiffest competition. 🙂
    Good luck w. your roof repair. It is pouring here today.

  3. Rob, Simple Circle Studios Says:

    Good luck with the roof. I have done a bit of roofing myself and it is indeed some hard, hard work.
    And I too am rather irritated with Etsy about their new categories. Their explanation is that their new system gives shoppers better, more varied results for their search parameters. If you do not know what you are looking for or where to look, though, it is next to impossible to find the ceramics category. Especially since the “categories” link is below the fold on the front page, at least it is on my computer.

  4. Nadia Says:

  5. Stardust Memorials Says:

    That stinks with the roofing problems. Rarely are they easy! On a side note, the pottery looks beautiful. You do a fantastic job, my friend!

  6. Amy Says:

    love it that Sofia is learning to throw! she’s precious.

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