Man, Did We Ever Get Plastered…

First off, the good news…

Maybe I should say that it’s better than good, it’s done as I have serious misgivings about the actual watertight-ness of my job. It’s interesting how easily I was able to subjugate my perfectionism on this job. Of course, if it does leak, I guess I’ll be back up there next year doing it all over again. Hopefully, if it does leak, it will be like the last leak insofar as it was gradual enough for it to take several years to make its way to the interior of the house. Anyway, I’m not fooling with it for some time either way. Sofia and I decided to tackle a long overdue project yesterday… making wet boxes. I knew that she would enjoy mixing plaster because it’s messy but also there’s the hidden chemistry lesson as she was able to feel the plaster going through its reaction and getting very warm. Here’s the process in steps…

In other news, all hallowed e’en is approaching quickly and although I abhor holidays, I can at least stomach the dressing up as one’s secret alter ego and parading around the neighborhood. The candy and commercialism… not so much. Strangely, the school has decided to try to extend the whole silliness by having a week of nonsense which included “silly hat day”, “weird socks day”, “dress up like a word day” and the infamous “crazy tie day”. Much to the bug’s dismay and much to my delight, I realized that I no longer own a tie of any sort. I consider it a form of success that my wardrobe no longer includes a tie or a suit jacket… I’ve finally arrived I guess. I hope no one dies for a while, not the least me. Consequently, I had to make a tie for the bug to wear that day and she was fine with that… no picture however. I did get this one of her considering a hat for the hat day…

That pic is somewhat reminiscent of Mr. McDowell in “A Clockwork Orange”. Also, for days now, Sofia has taken to wearing a pair of my reading glasses that broke and had no lenses. She’s worn them out to lunch and today she had them on when she left for school…

Sorry, a bit blurry. Anyway, making cups this week as I did last week. When I visited my good friend Ig in Des Moines, he had hundreds of pictures of his last visit to Singapore. I have been fascinated by an enormous project taken on there that includes these giant man-made trees that are and will be plastered with plants. I first read about this “Garden By The Bay” in Smithsonian magazine a while back and when I tried to find pics online, there were few. So I got some of Ig’s pics when I visited because his pics were really nice and from several vantage points. As it turns out, in the time since I first looked online for pictures, there’s been many more added so this isn’t quite the public service I intended. Apparently, this entire area was a swamp the last time my friend traveled there. Anyway, here’s a couple teaser shots and a link to an album of many more pictures on FB if you get a hankerin’…

Click here for more pics.

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3 Responses to “Man, Did We Ever Get Plastered…”

  1. meredith Says:

    interesting those man made trees for many reasons.
    First that man needs to “make” trees…..
    The bug is getting older everyday- slow her down okay?
    The best part of the halloween thing in our house was candy tax. Demanded by Mark as soon as the kids walked in the door. They use to try to hide the bars of good stuff and give him the raisins, like that would work. They now know that candy tax was made up by their candy loving dad.

  2. ang Says:

    im intrigued!! perhaps one more reason to visit singapore next year!! go the plaster … much fun and i dont make near enough molds!!!! perhaps something else to focus on while i commiserate not getting the gallery job :((

  3. ronpots2 Says:

    Wow those trees are crazy. Gotta look up more on those. That pic of the reading glasses cracked me up. Unrelated to this post, but of of bit of interest to you maybe, I’m going to be trying out your shellac technique today.

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