Get Up, Stand Up, Mon…

“Stand up for your rights”. I don’t usually wander into the political arena here on the blog because, well because, people are crazy about all that deceit and disinformation but I have to say that there were some good signs of progress (at least for me) that came out of the election, not the least of which was the votes for legalizing the demon weed. Unfortunately, the conflict between the federal law and the state law have rendered the vote, more than likely, ineffective. But one can hope and as coincidences would have it, last week the bug and I stopped in at our favorite Vietnamese grocery to pick up some necessities and got some rastafarian hair… I mean some long string beans. Sofia immediately took to the rasta look and fired up a spleef in the kitchen…

Oh, they grow up so fast. There’s a striking resemblance don’t you think?…

Anyway, it’s been busy for some time here as Sofia’s birthday and all hallowed e’en are in the same week. She dressed as a hula dancer for halloween…

And she had a blue cake that Mom made for her birthday…

So she’s been having quite a whirlwind. She asked for books for her birthday this year (a dream come true for mom and dad) and hoping it lasts. Also, the bug brought this drawing of Mr. and Mrs. Scars home from school, it cracks me up…

Anyway, if you’ve read this blog at all over the years, you’re probably aware of how much I abhor the holidays so I’m glad to get one out of the way and been wishing the election would be over for more than a year. I have been trying to get another kiln fired before the holidays (the ones I really hate) and unfortunately I was already cutting it close and got sick on Monday and am still not well so I lost a whole week of productivity. I’m about ready for deco though…

In other news, I think this computer is on its last leg and hate the realization that I cannot function as a potter without one. It slowed down the other day to the point where I wanted to throw it out the window. I believe the hard drive is going as there’s an audible whirring sound when I turn it on. Maybe it has something to do the the 15,000 photos on there? So, I leave you with a bit of Bob…

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5 Responses to “Get Up, Stand Up, Mon…”

  1. Barb Rogers at Alchemy of clay Says:

    My laptop (only computer I have) also whirs…and I got an external hard drive to store my pics in…and transfer them over when I’ve done posting whatever I want to use on my blog. It really helps the speed of the CPU not having them all on it’s memory. That hard drive was from Radio Shack and has been well worth the money a few years back, and is still only half full.

  2. kyle Says:

    …last post about getting plastered, this one about legalization for the bush doctor…hey mon, I like where this blog is going!

  3. Carol Krawczyk Says:

    I second Barb Roger’s recommendation. External hard drives have come way down in price. You can get a 3 Terrabite (3000 Gigabytes or 3,000,000 megabytes — will hold a LOT of photos, to say the least) for around $189 off the Internet. (1 Terrabyte costs about $89). My husband tells me that external hard drives still make the computer run slower. I have two and it hasn’t made me get irritated during the turn-on process.

  4. meredith@whynot Says:

    the bug is still getting bigger! Amazing how they do that.
    I have had this bug,sick bug, for over a month- taking its time goung away/

  5. ronpots2 Says:

    Hey Jim. Love Sofia’s string bean dreads. I’m onto my shellac deco this week. We’ll see how I like doing it on loads of pots. Good luck w. the computer. It’s a total pain when they start to go. Dumping the photos sounds like a good idea. Have a good week.

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