Kiln Blues…

Well, this can’t be good…


We had our annual xmas sale at the mount a bit back and I hurried to get a kilnload fired before the sale but alas I was too late. I was cutting it close to begin with but as I went to check the kiln one morning… it wasn’t done firing. In fact it hadn’t reached peak temperature. After much consternation, it did finally complete the firing at a whopping 24+ hours. I checked the relays and they seem ok (although I’ve ordered more already) and did an element test and the top two elements are dead, or appear so. I can’t complain as I haven’t had a peep out of this kiln is 7 years and I guess it’s about time for new elements. As far as the sale, it was better overall than any previous year which means that it’s growing after 5 years or so. Here’s some shots from the sale…


Here’s some of Mr. Cheek’s work…


And here’s some of Mr. Moh’s work…


Pictures were taken and here’s one of me in front of my table of pots looking a bit suspicious…


The bug and I have been working on another collaborative drawing…


As you can see, Sofia was not interested in turning the drawing upside down and back so one side is definitely hers and one’s mine. Here’s the bug at her office…


Lately she’s cleared a space on the table next to the computer that she refers to as her office. For a week or so she’d get up, get dressed and head straight to her office and after school come directly upstairs to work in the office some more. She’s been writing books which are illustrated of course. They’re mostly about teachers and principals acting badly and get their just deserts. Now she’s moved on to Greek gods. Last but not least, I’ve managed to get almost 100 pieces in my etsy shop. Here’s some (clicking first image will go to etsy, the rest enlarge)…












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4 Responses to “Kiln Blues…”

  1. meredith@whynot Says:

    kilns always seem to know when you have a deadline.
    And is that why it is called a deadline…because you are dead in the water if you do not met the deadline….
    The bug- a writer! Yes! Greek tragedies next?

  2. ang Says:

    well 7 yrs is a brilliant run jim, congrats the sale looks fantastic, I know which piece would be going home with me!!! if only you were a hop skip and jump away 🙂

  3. amy h Says:

    Sorry about the kiln. My kiln had a pre-holiday-show problem, too. I hope that’s it for a while. Seven years was a good run.

    It looks like there were lots of beautiful pieces at the sale!

  4. ronpots2 Says:

    Glad to hear you had a good Sale! Pots look super and I love that drawing. Sounds like Sofia knows how to keep to her schedule. Good luck with the kiln.

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