4 Years Blogging…

Well, yesterday was the 4 year anniversary of this blog. It is interesting to look back at the stats and see how much time and effort has been spent on blogging. I believe in retrospect it has definitely been well worth it although I have gotten to the point where I’m unable to spend as much time as I used to. So here’s the obligatory picture of the bug compared to the first pic I ever posted of her…



And while the subject of blogs is front and center, Sofia was given some assignment at school about picking a subject of interest and doing something about it and she decided to make a blog herself. The subject she chose was littering and although I helped her format the pictures, what the pics were of and all the writing was completely of her doing. If you get a hankerin’ head on over to http://litterbad.wordpress.com and leave her a comment if you like… she’s been coming home from school everyday wondering if anyone commented on her blog. I don’t have the heart to explain how traffic is garnered, etc. In other news, there’s the kiln. Thanks to everyone who had suggestions on solving my wee dilemma. I got the elements replaced and shelves kilnwashed and fired a glaze firing with a couple of refires I had lying around. The results, I’m embarrassed to say, have simply left me with a newer dilemma. The kiln went off in less time than usual (which I thought was a good sign and still do really) but I put a couple cones in there to make sure that it was getting to ^6. All I had handy was ^s 6 and 7. After the firing, ^7 was flat as a pancake…


The embarrassing thing is that, although I don’t remember really, I think that years ago when I got the kiln that I never put cones in to see if the temp on the controller was really the temp in the kiln which begs the question now… was it always going to ^7 and beyond or not. I’m definitely not willing to risk 3 months work on the chance that there’s no difference. So, as we speak, I’m running a bisque test with some cones that my good buddy Sebastian gave me. I’ve got 06, 05 and 04 in there right now. I lowered the peak temp number half the degrees between what it was and the next lowest cone equivalent and after this if everything is copacetic, I’ll have to do a similar test at glaze temps. Then I can fire for real but I will be anxious either way and regardless of the results of the witness cones. A week or so ago there was another opening out at Mt. St. Francis. It was the work of Joy Tanner and William Baker. Here’s Joy’s blog if you get a hankerin’. After these years of blogging and being a regular visitor to Joy’s blog for some time, I was really looking forward to meeting her and William but alas they got iced in at home and apparently couldn’t even get out of their driveway. Here’s some shots from the opening…







And of course here’s the discerning eye of Sebastian…


I’ve got three coats of shellac on all of these…


I’ve also been attempting to reproduce a bowl from a few years ago and it’s a bit more difficult than I thought it would be…


Last but not least, here’s a couple pics of the refire I mentioned above…



I really like this one and since it was in the load that went to a flat ^7, I’m not sure if the differences I see in this piece are due to a higher temp or simply because it was refired… or both. That’s all I have.

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11 Responses to “4 Years Blogging…”

  1. gz Says:

    That wheat jar with the wheat straw (?) handle!!!! and the teapot!!
    Thanks for sharing.

    The refire is interesting, I like it, it has something different. Perhaps refire another when you’ve worked out what the kiln is doing?

  2. Darlene Says:

    Love the kids new blog! Good for her!

    You may have been firing to a high cone six all along. If your glaze seems pretty stable, you may be able to fire a load off without worry of overfiring no matter if you are firing a little higher. Your refire has some lovely results. You may want to try cones on top middle and bottom to see what is happening in the first load. Sometimes there is a bit of variation.

    Love your work! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Ashley Says:

    New elements always seem to fire hot for me by about half a cone or so, so you are probably ok. Everything should settle down once you break the new ones in.

  4. Tracey Says:

    Dude, you been a blog slacker lately! Been missing your posts! Loved Sofia’s blog, good for her!

  5. meredith Says:

    Yes, you need to get back on the horse ,bog, and ride,write.
    It will be interesting to find out what your cone test tell about the temperature in your kiln.

  6. Amy Says:

    Time goes by fast. Your girl is precious! Love hearing stories about her and the artist that she is. Hope you figure out the details about your kiln- not fun to not know how high it is firing….

  7. thecapricorntm Says:


    Pleasepleaseplease, Put it on Etsy 🙂

  8. bill mcreynolds Says:

    check cone chart small cone are not equal to large they were two cone off, at lest they were.

  9. zygote Says:

    4 years! What a ride Bro!!! Bug just keeps getting bigger and bigger and the pots just keep getting better and better. It’s easy for your readers to miss the amount of time you put into your blog. It’s been a fun way to pretend we are the neighbors that we all want.
    I’ll raise a glass to 4 years tonight. Wink!

  10. artistatexit0 Says:

    Congrats on the 4 year anniversary. Lots of good stories here and watching Sophia grow up has been magical. Can’t wait to check out her blog!

  11. Alex Solla Says:

    It is wild seeing how much you have BOTH grown over these short few years. Really warms my heart.

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