(B)eer (G)lasses, (B)uddy (G)uy and (B)isque (G)oing…

Where to start… Mom and I had a rare night out the other night and went to see the one and only Buddy Guy. Jonny Lang opened for him so it was night full of greasy screaming blues guitar work. Buddy, at age 76, was fantastic. I’ve always liked his guitar playing and I have an acoustic album titled “Blues Singer” that is really my favorite and it shows off his singing prowess which is pretty great too. I never got to see him before and found him to be wildly entertaining in between songs also. Here’s a video my friend Jennifer took with her phone (there’s some cussing at the end so beware the kids)…

There was quite a bit more cussing as the concert progressed (which I enjoy) and Buddy seemed to credit hip hop for making it so he could be himself on stage and talk the way he does normally. Got a bisque going as I type this and hopefully can do a glaze firing next week. I went over to my friend Jeff’s the other day and he’s finally gotten some of his pieces fired. Here’s a bunch of pictures of the work…















I have to say that one of the dudes strapped to each other in the chair looks like Henry Kissinger. So I was very happy a week or so ago to come home and find that Sofia had dug out the chess set. I taught her how to play and she seemed to catch on to it pretty good. Here’s the bug playing with Mom…


Of course I think she thought it would be like Sorry or Monopoly and that she might win right off the bat. I haven’t let her win yet and you know what that makes me?… a meanie. Anyway, when she came home from school the other day she was busy writing down some important notes and I found out later that she had some better ideas about how chess should be played. Here’s her rules…


My favorite rule is that bishops actually accompany the king or queen when they move. Let’s see Bobby Fischer win playing the Queen’s gambit with those rules! The bug has also started doing these silhouette drawings…


Last but not least, I’ve finally finished burnishing, shellacking, etching, shellacking, etching, shellacking, etching, painting terra sig thrice on a bunch of beer glasses (my aching back)…


Here’s some psychedelia for any of you shroom eaters…



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7 Responses to “(B)eer (G)lasses, (B)uddy (G)uy and (B)isque (G)oing…”

  1. meredith Says:

    I was really happy that your b g s had nothing to do with the beegees.
    We saw buddy guy many years back and it was one of the best shows I can remember. This has nothing to do with mushrooms.
    I like New chess rules.
    Please excuse my auto correct, it has a mind of its own.

  2. Ignatius Widiapradja Says:

    Those silhouette drawing is fabulous. It reminds me of Kara Walker.

  3. jojoaruba Says:

    Really nice work! I bet your back DOES hurt!
    Well worth the effort!

  4. Michael Kline (@Klineola) Says:

    Holy (ohio river) mackeral, shellac man! mega post! Nobody can ever call you a shellac-a lackey! Didn’t/Isn’t B.G. on Chess Records? No matter, the Bug’s got chess nicely figured out!

  5. Sleepy Says:

    I could use a beer glass with a handle for my giant morning tea. What a great artist Sofia is.

  6. John Dorsey Says:

    etch the drawings of Sofia’s on the glass or two – they are great!

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