Might Need A Transplant…

I don’t usually weigh in on current events on this blog but some developments are just a bit too important not to at least mention. So it appears that now it’s possible to perform a “full human head transplant”. I’d like to leave it at that but I have way too many questions to stop there. First off, shouldn’t it be called a “full body transplant”? I mean if I needed a new head (there’s many acquaintances who would probably maintain that I do, in fact need one), wouldn’t the new head (you know, from the guy who just died in a motorcycle accident but whose head is still “viable” because he obeyed the helmet laws) come with its own consciousness and all the memories etc. of his life? I maintain that, at this point in my life, I’d rather keep the head I have and get a new body to go with it. Imagine a body without plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, bad eyesight, stiff nose hairs, etc. In fact, they may as well set up a list like an organ donor list. Maybe one could request certain types of bodies they would be interested in. For instance, maybe you don’t want to have a hairy back? Maybe one wants the toe next to their big toe to be longer than the two adjacent toes? Opposable thumbs? Definitely more muscular calves. So I’m kinda on the fence. If given the choice would I opt for the body of a Cirque du Soleil performer, Brad Mehldau, or fall back on an old faithful Rush Limbaugh. A hard choice for sure but it begs an even more perplexing question… without the donor body’s brain would the new me be able to do acrobatics, play jazz or talk out of my ass all day or do those activities require the old head. It’s a brave new world and I’ll have to contemplate these issues much more intensely to move forward. As long as I’m posting content from somewhere else, check out what the Japanese have given us lately…

Oh, what the hell, Sofia came home the other day all excited about how funny this video is, so here ya go…

In clay news, I have new work up at Schaller Gallery…


Last but not least, I got the kiln fixed and fired. This was a large load of new color tests. I’m ambivalent because I got some very satisfactory results but also had about 30 pieces that will be heading to the shard pile. I’ve been uploading to Etsy but it may take a week or so but I compiled this picture of the new color combos. Much info for me to digest but I’m pretty excited about it…



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5 Responses to “Might Need A Transplant…”

  1. Ashley Says:

    I tried watching the “PONPONPON” video without sound (I am at work). It is what I would imagine an acid trip to be like. having never done that drug, I can only guess. It made my eyes hurt to watch it

    I do like your new colours.

  2. Troy Bungart Says:

    Great new pieces!

  3. ang Says:

    hey Jim from Kentucky, theres your awesomeness on the web again!! sweet displays from yours and schaller, can ya tell i’ve had a web day!!! all sites updated and im still here checking out blogs….happy summertime

  4. M@ Says:

    That dog video has millions and millions of hits. About a thousand of them are from my family. We all find ourselves drifting into the dog’s voice saying “yeah? What was in there?” That dog is like crack!

  5. Nunya Byznitz Says:

    Me too. That dog video is a masterpiece. The maple kind.

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