You Say Canandaigua, I Say Canadarago…

Haven’t posted in a while because I decided to try to get some of the long neglected household projects addressed. So far, I’ve fixed the roof, trimmed all the trees that touched the roof, put gutters on the front of the house, repaired the floor of the porch where the water was rotting the boards, made a vinyl skirt on the exterior along the foundation where water’s coming in, re-cemented the interior wall of the foundation and gave it two coats of dry-lok and now I’m in the middle of insulating under the floor on one half of the crawlspace. I’m running out of gas though and my wheel has been calling for me. Last week, Sofia and I made a trip to central NY that coincided with a surprise 50th birthday of my younger brother. He was, of course, surprised because his birthday isn’t for another month or so but his kids arranged it then because they have to go back to college. It ended up being like a mini family reunion as my Mom and sister made it up from Florida. I have to say since I really haven’t been in NY during the summer in many years that the place is breathtakingly beautiful and the weather was cool and dreamy. The highlight of the trip for the bug was taking my brother’s boat on on Lake Canandarago which I was surprised to find that it is so close to where my siblings live. The bug went tubing for the first time and swam in a frigid northern lake. Here’s some shots of the captain at the helm and some tubing shots…



Napping before the boat took off…


And the main event…


Dad even tried it with a frozen shoulder…


As it turns out the Ommegang brewery is about 15 miles from the lake in Cooperstown so we took a little detour over there but unfortunately the tours and tastings weren’t for hours so we got an Ommegang frisbee and split. I did spend a day at my cousin’s home (the one that brews crazy amounts of beer). We drank much and had some lively conversation. So that’s about it for now. Oh, and anyone who’s interested in how progressive Kentucky is should definitely watch this video. I tried to embed it but it wouldn’t allow it so you have to follow the link. It’s well worth it though.

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One Response to “You Say Canandaigua, I Say Canadarago…”

  1. Jake Says:

    Jim ! I just got the vaes from the gallery and after examing the two of them I am blown away. I would rather give the money right to you but I feel very lucky to have these two amazing pieces in my collection. I could write pages of accolades on every aspect of of these works. As I told you in a previous Email I am also a potter but not even close to your level. On another note: Kudos on the renovations! I know how hard it is to get that stuff going. Once I get going I get it done. I’m your brothers age and my brother took me to a “Further” concert in NYC. In case you don’t know that is Bobby Wier and Phil Lesh’s band. It was an interesting weekend. I would rather trade with you! Your weekend sounded awesome! Upstate is really one of the most beautiful places anywhere. Anyway I just felt like I got two of your best and wanted to tell you that “I get it” and appreciate the long hours put in to get it just right. I’ll send you some pics of some bowls I did last week after I glaze them. Thanks buddy!-Seamus

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