My name is Jim Gottuso and I am a ceramic artist in Louisville, Kentucky. I grew up in upstate New York and came south to college. After college I was involved in a couple businesses and decided 5 years ago, after news of our first child, to pursue a long postponed desire to make ceramics for a living.

3 Responses to “About”

  1. ester svensson Says:

    thanks for having a look at my things. your work is lovely! especially like the shape of your bowls. and i’m impressed with your etched decorations! i know how long it takes…
    fritware (aka quartzpaste) is what i’m most interested in. i’m just getting going with making things again after graduating from art school last summer, so have only made a few tests so far (i’m having trouble getting the whiteness with the materials here in sweden, that i got in glasgow -need to find some new bentonite, i think). but it’s fascinating stuff. i’m happy to send more info if you’re interested.
    good luck with everything, happy easter.

  2. Amie Says:

    Hi…I was just surfing the web for odd and end things and came across your blog. I am very very new to ceramics all together. I took two semesters in high school. That’s it. =) Recently my fiance and I bought a kiln.. a wheel..the whole nine. We have our own little dedicated room in the basement..Well really the whole basement.
    Enough of that..my question/comment is. I absolutley LOVE your work. You have inspired me to go downstairs and try at it again..I get easily discouraged. So I had decided to take a break. Again..great work..I enjoyed your blog..Oh I too am from the Louisville area. And..I too had the same feelings you did towards Louisvilles mindset towards “disasters”

  3. Michael Giles Says:

    You make excellent pots. Sofia is your muse. I am a new fan.

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