Contact: Jim Gottuso

I hope to be able to sell pieces online soon but if you have any questions about availability or anything else for that matter you can contact me at: go2sew[at]

17 Responses to “Contact: Jim Gottuso”

  1. Diane Says:

    Hi Jim,
    Thanks so much for the nice note! you reminded me to check out the Akar show and to post a notice about it on my site. Thanks! I wanted to look at your yunomis but I don’t know your last name and couldn’t find it anywhere on your blog. Your work looks great, by the way on your website. Best to you,

    I am not sure if I sent this to you correctly earlier! No response needed on my part. Hope your firing went well.

  2. Julia Says:

    Hi Jim, I saw your blog comment.

    In colder climates, you need a good volume of bees to make a large enough cluster to stay warm. Less bees generate less heat and are more prone to freeze to death. It sounds like your bees froze to death, instead of starving. Do you drop below 32 F in KY? Do you know what type of bees you have (breed) by any chance? Some winter better than others – ours (Italians) have to have a lot of bees to get through our very cold UT winters. If you have more than one hive, you can combine a smaller hive with a larger hive to give the whole group a better chance of surviving the cold, or if you only have one hive you can insulate them from windchill, snow, or cold temps.

    Just like tracking a glaze fault, your next set of bees will do great…if at first you don’t succeed…!

    Thanks for checking out my blog posts on beekeeping!

  3. John Bauman Says:

    Hey, I appreciate your comments on my blog — it lets me know that at least someone is looking at the blog. I also enjoy your blog and have it in my blog viewer, so I see just about every entry you post. But I’ve got a question that maybe you can help me with…

    I’m very new to the whole blogging thing and I’m wondering how one best responds to comments made on one’s blogs? Do people revisit a blog to see if the blogger has responded to a comment? …or is there some sort of prompt that a blog will automatically send when a comment is made so that someone knows if it’s been responded to? …or do people just not expect comment/response type of conversation with blogs? … or (further) do bloggers just look up and email people who have commented (as I’m doing with you now)…or is that seen as bad etiquette (do you feel “stalked”? …yikes! )

    Any insights you might offer would be greatly appreciated.


    John Bauman

  4. Janet Holson-Mazzer Says:

    Hi Jim

    I just read your comment on Erin Casey’s blog. After I sent her the interview, I thought of some other groups I love to listen to. Bliss is another one. If you email your address, I can send you the French Canadian music disk that I love. If you like Bliss and Zero 7, I will send you those as well.



    PS I love your blog!

  5. James Says:

    Thanks for the laughter. A delight to see more images of Sofia and the new pieces look beautiful. I had hoped to call much sooner but our lives our on extreme at the moment and I have wonderful tales to share from Korea. We are heading to a sculpture symposium this weekend in San Angelo TX and then we are packing for Mexico to work in an indigenous community in collaboration with a fabulous program called Deport-es Para Compartir. More soon. I am exhausted. The Halloween pics are adorable.

  6. rebecca Says:

    Good Morning,

    I was browsing your Etsy shop and saw a bowl that had been previously sold and was wondering if you had any others in the same style. It was listed as a “blue green porcelian bowl” and had a square within a square style etching.

    As an aside, I follow your blog on a regular basis and enjoy reading of your escapades with Sophia!

    Thanks for your help,

  7. mike Says:


    Just saw your site for the first time today. Beautifully charming.

    Do you use a tjangting to apply the first shellack designs? I assume latex runs on the greenware when applied and shellack doesn’t. Shellack must have the exact right viscosity? Or maybe it dries faster than wax? Anyway, your work is like ballet—flowing and lyrical which is the result of a lot of hard work and talent.


  8. Roger Colombik Says:

    If I do not have a chance to call, I wanted to wish you and Sofia and Elisha a wonderful summer. Sofia looks adorable in all the pics, the new pots are fabulous and the pictures of T Walsh are a grand surprise. We are in hyperdrive and have been for some time, hoping that the project in Austin will be complete and signed off on today. We are on a plane in the morning for the long haul east. More news and a fuller update soon.
    Best wishes,

  9. Jaime Says:

    Hi Jim;

    Thanks for passing by my blog…MY WRITE. Glad you liked it and hope to be writing back soon again. If you’re into visuals, check out my flickr photosream:


  10. Karen Says:

    I love your work, and am inspired by your love of your daughter. I just wanted to let you know that the doodles that you and your daughter create together are quite fun, whimsical and would love to see them on your pottery in some way, if possible.

  11. Astrid Gotuzzo Says:

    Buongiorno Jim,
    Love your work!
    Our last names are almost the same…. and I have a 6-year old daughter named Sofia. Are you Italian? I currently live in the Italian Riviera. I just bought a taverna that I want to convert into a ceramic studio.
    Take care and Arrivederci,
    Astrid Gotuzzo

  12. Kjirsti Says:

    Hi Jim,
    Fantastic posting on Ceramics Daily website!
    I am writing to ask your permission to use the photos of your resist process to show my students (I teach High School Art). I would of course credit every photo with your name.
    I first learned about the use of shellac at a summer school class with Siglinda Scarpa back in Alfred in 95, although her work was very sculptural, and your post totally reminded me of its use! Your technique is great and the resulting work is wonderful!

  13. Mary Sue Barnett Says:

    Hi Jim,
    Richard and I hope your ear is healing. Your pottery is beautiful.
    Mary Sue

  14. Claude Stephens Says:

    Checked out your blog site. Very cool. Nice photos. Nice pots.

    My blog is


  15. James Ward Says:

    Hey Jim – I just bought a couple of your vases off the Schaller Gallery website. First time I had seen your work and I appreciate the artistry, time and creativity that you work into it. I am also a potter who is getting back into it after four years away. It’s so addictive…..all I want to do is make pots. The better results I get the more I’m addicted. Is there a cure?? Well, I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that if you keep making pots I’ll keep buying them!-James

  16. Dana Says:

    How Jim,
    Through a lot of surfing I found myself advised to ask you for the right answer here.

    I am a beginner in ceramics and throwing some beer steins that are at the very least, worthy of family gifts. My question is about glazing the inside of a beer stein:

    Do I or don’t I glaze the inside of a stein? An experienced Potter doing a demo at an event told me NOT to glaze the inside of a beer stein, but my instincts say for the sake of bacteria alone, that I should. I’m not a big beers meister, but would like to do my beer living family and friends right. If you please, which do I practice, why, and if I do glaze the inside, what are your recommendations?



    • jim Says:

      Hi Dana, not sure why they said not to glaze the inside but it may very well be of no consequence either way. it would certainly be easier to clean if it’s glazed on the inside. I glaze the inside of mine but that’s just me. I do use a food safe “Liner Glaze” which is specifically formulated (like all liner glazes) to not leach. Almost any base glaze will suffice. By base glaze I mean one that has no colorants in it such as iron oxide or copper or cobalt, etc. Good luck,

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