3 Responses to “Cups”

  1. red dirt mule Says:

    oh i love, love your work. your sculptural eye and hand is quite evident in your art. it is art. and i like that you’ve taken time to think about and consider your aesthetic – what floats your potterish boat. I’m curious, has the move to Kentucky in any way ‘changed’ your potting? i.e. has the ‘local’ potting traditions seeped into your own aesthetic. I’m always very curious about ‘genus loci’ – the sense of place and wonder how your work has developed its own sense of place in Kentucky. how it has ‘mixed’ (if at all) from your roots in upstate new york.

    quite lovely, these. if i wanted to purchase 8 random cups how would I proceed? Your work is beautiful, Jim. When I hold a cup of yours, I know I will feel the whispers of your potting hands; the hours you spent etching and decorating … your thumbprints that identify this cup as uniquely the making of you. Sigh. what a gift to share with the rest of us!


  2. Terry Says:

    jim – your work is beautiful. See you are also on Etsy.

  3. Charmaine Says:

    Beautiful work…..very pleased I get the chance to look at your work on Ceramic Arts Daily – Johannesburg South Africa.

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