Greenware (In Progress)

3 Responses to “Greenware (In Progress)”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    I am baffled as to how you do this slather/spatter pattern! After numerous readings, I am still uncertain. As a visual learner, You Tube was useless, so I was hoping the source of these fabulous pieces could be of some assistance. I was hoping that there may have been a video on your blog that could shed some light for this very VERY novice potter who wants to try something new before my pottery class is over.

    So, any words of wisdom you would be willing to share?


  2. Joyce Lee Says:

    I am sooo impressed! I played with shellac and sponging on a few
    pots but NOTHING like what you have done. I have 500 pounds
    of clay coming and can’t wait to work on the grandiose side of what
    creativity I might possess. Your work is stunning. Thank you for
    sharing and thanks so much to the clayarter who shared your site so
    we could see what the REAL THING is! Incredible.


  3. Cara Says:

    I mentioned my new shellac obsession at the supplier’s this morning and she pointed me to you. Amazing and inspirational. Also re: thousands of brushed squares, it’s nice to see I’m not the only person that is fascinated by these although I’ve been on the circles and dots train.

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